DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Continues to Strike Business Deals with America

Brand position is an essential element in business that seeks to better place a product in the most strategic lighting angle for various target audiences. Brand positioning has a close relationship with market segmentation. This relationship is achieved through primary marketing campaigns that aim at sensitizing consumers on the benefits of using a particular brand. For most successful businesses and brands, brand positioning and entrepreneurial networks have been used to establish a sound basis for operation. With strong entrepreneurial networks come better positioning of brands and products. DamacGroup is one such business that has taken advantage of brand positioning and entrepreneurial networks. Through its founder, Hussain Sajwani, the business has grown in stature.



Founded in 2002, DamacGroup has been a leading property developer and provider for affluent people in Brazil. The business highly relies on the leadership of Hussain Sajwani as the chief executive officer. With a huge employee base of approximately 2,000, he strives to train the management to offer appropriate services to clients. For Damac, the mission is providing not only reliable but also sophisticated commercial and residential properties across the United Arab Emirates. From the first property the company developed during its establishment, Damac was already in the market to sell. The first building was sold within the first six months of development. The company has continued to grow in stature under the wise leadership of Hussain Sajwani. It is a luxury property developer with glitzy rooms and apartments.


Entrepreneurial Networks

With the passion for developing a sophisticated and glitzy property, Hussain Sajwani ventured into the development of Donald Trump-branded golf courses. Not only did he associate with this brand but also ensured that Tiger Woods, the legendary gold player was the designer of the golf course. The Damac owner has a keen eye for details. He uses strong entrepreneurial networks to develop his business. His success highly relies on his ability to associate with high profile individuals to establish business rapport. As a property developer, he focuses on selling Damac on various platforms. Amidst economic adversities and disagreements between UAE and the United States of America, Hussain Sajwani is still maintaining his position in Donald Trump’s stable of business. After the gold course project, he is still looking forward to initiating more projects with Donald Trump.



Hussain Sajwani family business has been a primary donor to charity foundations. Through Hussain Sajwani, his businesses have donated over millions towards organizations that seek to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

AvaTrade Review to give Online Traders Confidence

Initially founded as AvaFX in 2006, AvaTrade is online forex and CFDs broker based in Dublin, Ireland. They have specialized their operations in dealing with Bitcoin trading. They also offer trading services for equities, commodities, bonds, market indices, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). The firm is under the regulation of the Central Bank of Ireland in the European Union. It, therefore, operates as a licensed investment firm under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission also authorize the investment firm.


An AvaTrade review has ranked the firm as a competitive force in the investment field. This has, however, come from their cutting-edge analysis about the market trends. With “SharpTrader.com” as their primary analytical arm, coupled with a collection of trading platforms, AvaTrade can accommodate several trading styles. AvaTrade has undoubtedly made its name from offering many trading platforms on which account holders can trade their financial assets. The investment firm also gives its customers access to a wide selection of financial markets, ranging from cryptocurrency and forex to commodities and stack indices trading.


What’s interesting, this firm has a negative balance protection feature. According to a recent AvaTrade customer review, this feature has made the firm popular since customers are protected from losing more than their deposits. This way, a customer’s account balance can never drop below zero. However, another AvaTrade broker review reveals that there are no volume discounts for customers even for higher volumes of trade. The slow processing of withdrawals also disadvantages AvaTrade customers. Many a time, withdrawals may take up to 10 days to process, which is not healthy for any online trader.


AvaTrade, like most brokers, takes a fee from the difference between the buying and selling price of an instrument, which is the spread. Regarding reliability, AvaTrade clears any concerns traders may have concerning their genuineness. With over a decade of operation, AvaTrade has already established itself as a broker with integrity and trustworthiness. For a market that has been plagued with scam brokers, any trader wishing to join the online trading industry has to be wary of fraudulent traders. AvaTrade’s licenses for different jurisdictions proves its integrity, thereby adding to its reliable track record.

Once You’re On Board, You Too Can Do An AvaTrade Review

A good trader asks the tough questions. We critically examine our best options and we’re unafraid to slam the door on unlikely developments. We do not perform this in a vacuum. Nor do we blindly accept the first answers proffered to our queries. We search. We gather. We analyze. We test. We adjust. We repeat. Then we invest. With our profits, we reinvest, constantly on the lookout for reasonable opportunities.


INQUIRING MINDS: AvaTrade Customer Review


AvaTrade understands us and encourages our hunger for profound knowledge and clarity of performance. Officially regulated as expected and consistently delivering assessable reports, AvaTrade and its affiliated functions, such as AvaFX, MetaTrader4, etc., are the leaders in today’s trading industry. They offer winning combinations of foreign exchange currencies, contract for difference pairings, risk analysis overlays, cryptocurrencies and resource data for industries and their projections. Consequently, you do not have to concern yourself with brokers’ commission fees. Their earnings are spreads based.


INQUIRING MINDS: AvaTrade Broker Review


Founded in 2006, AvaTrade has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and has global reach in its offerings. It is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands and in Japan, the Financial Futures Association among several others. You are welcome to trade through its headquarters office on Ameins Street in Dublin or through any of its satellite locations, as well. Feel free to stop in while on your next vacation to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, Paris, Tokyo, Santiago, Chile, South Africa, Shanghai, Nigeria, Milan or Sydney! Their regional teams will gladly show you some possibilities of improvement on your investment portfolio. Also, opening a virtual demo account prior to opening an actual file is an excellent decision when you’re a novice to the digital trading platform world.


Once you’re ready to step onto the platform, your initial required deposit is 100 dollar units of the indicated currency. AvaTrade provides access to several processing structures for deposits and withdrawals. You will also find guidance via telephone from knowledgeable AvaTraders. AvaTrade delivers support services in over 20 languages and has won over 9 financial management awards in under 9 years.

Dr. Saad Saad: A global pediatric career

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the greatest pediatric surgeons in the United States. He has worked for various hospitals around the country and also conducted medical missions in Palestine. One of the highest points of his career as a pediatric surgeon is when he was asked by the Saudi Royal family to go and work for them in Riyadh.


This was a golden opportunity that no doctor would have turned down, but why was Dr. Saad Saad chosen by the Saudi Royal family? One of the major reasons was because at that time Dr. Saad was the only Board-certified pediatric surgeon that could fluently speak both English and Arabic. Besides, Dr. Saad Saad had at one point lived in Riyadh and therefore was already familiar with the environment in Saudi Arabia.


His Education and Professional Background


Dr. Saad Saad’s success story as a pediatric surgeon has a lot to do with his education and upbringing. He grew from a family of eight siblings – three surgeons, two Master Degrees in Engineering, two Ph.D’s and one teacher. Saad Saad went to Cairo University in Egypt where he obtained his medical degree. Since he was a bright student he emerged as the second best with honors. After his studies in Cairo, he proceeded for an internship program in England before moving to the United States 45 years ago.


Challenging the status quo


Dr. Saad Saad is a renowned pediatric surgeon who has conducted thousands of pediatric surgical operations ranging from infants to teenagers during his career. As a surgeon, his mission has always been to improve the traditional methods and procedures. Consequently, he has been able to develop several new pediatric surgical procedures that are currently being used in various hospitals around the world. He has also patented two inventions under his name.


His life in Saudi Arabia


Upon arriving in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad Saad was asked to work at King Faisal Special Hospital where he was assigned to perform all types of surgeries from the simplest to the most complex. He conducted successful surgeries but the most notable one was that of a baby who was admitted with an aneurysm. He was able to conduct a successful operation and saved the life of the baby.


Dedication to serving both the Rich and the poor


Although King Faisal Specialist Hospital mainly served the Saudi Royal family, people from other regions such as Bahrain, the Persian Gulf, and UAE came for treatment there. Besides, children from poor families with complex pediatric problems were also admitted. Dr. Saad expressed his commitment to serving all types of people regardless of their race, color religion or financial ability. He always said that he himself had come from a poor family and he understood what it means to be underprivileged. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087


IC System Setting the Standard in its Line of Work

IC System is a leading service provider for more than 80 years and works in account receiving started up by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938. The IC System operates based on providing ethical and honest services to their clients.


After it was established in 1938, the IC System was passed down through three generations, and the corporation remained under the ownership of the Erickson family. The headquarters are still where they were first established al those decades ago in St. Paul, Minnesota. Over the decades, the IC System has been growing in its line of work and is now at the forefront of account collections. The business has also been the first to take different steps forward in its industry.


In 1968, the IC System was the first in its industry to replace the typewriter with a computer. Since then, the business has been maintaining its tech advancement and upgrading its tools on a regular basis to keep up with the highest quality of products to make sure they can provide the most beneficial services to their client base. The corporation of IC System is firmly focused on security and protecting the data of their clients.


The corporation has strong core values and encourages their clients to utilize practices that are ethical and consumer-friendly. The IC System prides itself on innovation and integrity, as well as treating people with dignity. The business has the objective of delivering reliable services in receivables management to original creditors, thus becoming the most trusted provider in their line of work.


The IC System puts their money where their mouth is and supports a variety of charities. The business has an in-house charity committee called Employee Charitable Help Organization or ECHO. The charity committee has been in action since 1981 and includes the employees of the company that are dedicated to helping the community. Some of the charities and organizations that the Employee Charitable Help Organization supports include the American Red Cross, Toys for Tots, Relay for Life, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the American Cancer Society, and the White Bear Lake Food Shelf, to name a few.


Perry Mandera has no boundaries in giving

Perry Mandera is a renowned philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer and the founder of the Custom Companies Inc. Perry is also known to have served for long in transport industries and acquired experience in the industry. He started his career by serving in the Marines where he was in charge of overseeing transportation of troops and supplies.


While serving in the Marine, Mandera realized that shipping services could have a significant impact. This helped shape his career path, and as a result of the experience and skills he gathered, today Perry Mandera is a successful man servicing the shipping requirements of people in Illinois.


Perry Mandera has interest in politics as he knows it is a way to serve the people close to him. After his service to the United State Marine corps, he was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman where he served for four years. He was the youngest to be elected as a committeeman in the city.


In 1986, he founded Custom Care Company which is headquartered at Northlake, Illinois. The company deals with transportation services and has continued to thrive in offering logistics services to the clients. As a result of his success and good work in the transport industry, his company was named as one of the top 100 American Transportation services of the Millennium.


Away from his career, Mandera is known to be a kind and a generous man. He is passionate about giving back to his community and the less fortunate. Mandera has always supported kids in need by providing clothes as well as transportation when need be.


Custom Care Charities is an organization he founded for his charity projects. This is a clear indicator that Mandera has no boundaries when it comes to giving and supporting those in need. Mandera through his organization also funds other legitimate charity organizations as long as they share the same philosophy of giving. Sport is not left out in his giving; he supports various sports teams and also gives coaching lessons for basketball and baseball to the youth. Perry Mandera studied at Chicago high school.

Experienced Business Manager Glen Wakeman Offers Insights into Running a Business

With 20 years of experience at General Electric (GE) capital, having worked in over 32 countries, Glen Wakeman is gained valuable knowledge in startups, integrations, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, downsizing an exponential growth. He is LaunchPad Holdings’ Chief Executive Officer, a company he helped in establishing. The company helps prime-stage entrepreneurs with internet business planning services to make them successful ventures. Glen Wakeman maintains a regularly updated and interactive blog dealing with capital raising, global affairs, business transformation, leadership and emerging markets, and angel financing.


Glen Wakeman went to the University of Scranton graduating with a bachelor of science in Economic and Finance, and later the University of Chicago for his MBA. His experience with GE saw him rise from junior to senior management levels working across Asia, South America, and Europe. He was in charge of a strategy increased several businesses net income to $3 billion from $2 million in assets. When he was the CEO of GE Money Latin America, Glen Wakeman oversaw a nine-country operation from scratch, growing the entity’s annual revenues to $100 million and assets worth $12 billion.


To become successful in business and a leader, he has learned that mentoring young entrepreneurs is one of the vital aspects. After watching the high rate of business failures and a high number of good ideas that were not actualized, Glen Wakeman discovered that the structures around them were weak and unsupportive. This idea led to the development of software that would help entrepreneurs plan their concepts well. A good financial plan and business tools are what LaunchPad Holdings offers.


Besides, entrepreneurs receive what Glen Wakeman calls, The Elements. Leadership is the first element that entrepreneurs need. They need to understand their personal leadership styles that will make them more aware of how to cope with employees. Human capital is the second and entrepreneurs should know how to put their workers’ strengths to the best use. Execution is the third element where leaders come up with positive changes aimed at propelling the company to success. The fourth element is risk management, where entrepreneurs must ensure negative results brought by changes do not disturb the process. Finally, governance is concerned with making people comfortable by nurturing a freely expressing environment.

The Innovation and Impact of Dr. Jorge Moll on Neurological Research

Dr. Jorge Moll has decided that only truly disruptive science can remedy the cries of social change. He is a world renowned neurologist who is striving to help humanity with his research. He currently is president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Here he puts his staff to the test. Some ideas he believes are worthwhile and should be invested in.


Dr. Jorge Moll attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In 1994 and 1998 he received his medical school degree and completed residency respectively. Once he obtained his doctorate in experimental pathophysiology he began his many research efforts.


His work has won him many awards like the Visiting Scholar Award from Stanford University. He is seeking new ways to discover a link between the human brain and artificial intelligence. The vision Dr. Moll has is one with an interlocking of the two worlds to improve humanity as we know it. Once people can see the benefits of the software they will actually get on board. Software that will minimize the workload in the healthcare systems. Dr. Moll is interested in seeing the evolution of A.I. how it will improve many more areas of life.


Dr. Moll also is truly an entrepreneurial spirit. He desires to create and innovate. To implement new ideas and systems to make the lives of people better. Dr. Jorge Moll got into research for his own curiosity, but is staying because deeply seeks to help make our planet better. One way he discusses in an interview to help is advice he would have given himself. To keep being creative with ideas, but always be willing to let an idea go. His younger self thinks focusing on all ideas is a winning move. But now Dr. Moll is throwing away ideas much sooner.


Dr. Jorge Moll is both a president and senior researcher at D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He could delegate entirely the research portion of his job, however, he chose to be in the trenches. Passion over position Dr. Jorge Moll will continue find new ways and ideas to innovate and look forward to in the near future.

Ian King- The Power of Identifying the Key Investments

Banyan Hill Publishing has the power and ability to gives its 400,000 viewer’s classified information on various investment tactics and expertise. The site has well-trained experts with years of investing information and knowledge that they share openly identifying numerous untouched and winning strategies. Ian King is one advisor who became part of Banyan Hill Publishing Company in 2017 offering insight and analysis on the latest market craze the cryptocurrency market.

He also participates in the weekly Investor Daily where he keeps his views informed on the matters and most recent development of the crypto market. Ian King worked as hedge fund manager and later turned to become a well-known cryptocurrency trader. His expert insights on cryptocurrency market have featured on Seeking Alpha, Investopedia, Fox Business News and Zero Hedge.

The Banyan Publishing Hill went public in 1998 with the primary aim of providing the investor with advice on matters concerning global assets protection and investments. Their values based on making the investor become self-reliance and enjoy personal sovereignty. The Publishing Hill leading mandate is providing its readers with useful and profitable advice on matters about global investments opportunities, portfolio diversification, global banking, private’s foundations, assets protections and international businesses. Read more at Talk Markets.

Ian King states that the global economy became an open avenue for every investor making Banyan Hill Publishing rebrand its primary duties and expanding its service portfolio. It started offering actionable functions in 2011 that ranged from investing in shares, stocks, Cryptocurrencies, currencies, and others. Additionally, it expanded its expertise in assets protection and also entrepreneurship. A panel of well-trained experts with years of professional skills make part of Banyan Hill Publishing site advisors who ensure their investors obtain their financial freedom. Experts like Ian King come with tips and information that makes their followers chose well for their future finances by providing them with high returns and low risks investments. Investors are shown ways of protecting their local and global assets from acquiring taxation risks.

Ian King states that Banyan is a unique name gotten from the famous banyan tree with unusual traits. The tree is supported by a group of clustered aerial roots extending on the ground forming other additional trunks and defending itself during natural disasters. Likewise, the Banyan Publishing Hill forms a strong bond between the advisors and investors protecting each other from global economic uncertainty by following the right investment strategies. Read more: https://banyanhill.com/expert/ian-king/


Ted Bauman Talks about the Future of Bitcoin and Shares Tips to Manage Time

Ted Bauman recently shared an article online where he cautioned people about investing in Bitcoin. Contrary to popular belief, Ted Bauman, who is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, believes that the cryptocurrency market is overhyped and that people stand a chance to lose millions in the future due to the flaws in the design of how the Bitcoin works. Ted Bauman explained in the article that he wrote that the transaction speed is a big issue in today’s date where millions of transactions take place every second. If any currency is not able to sustain and process that kind of volume, it would not be able to last much longer. It will also result in investors losing a lot of money. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more updates

Bitcoin is unable to process a large volume of transactions as it takes a lot of time for it to process. Ted Bauman said in the article that people should be cautious about investing in Bitcoin and must ensure that they are diversifying their investment and not put all their eggs in one basket, or in other words, invest heavily in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman has worked at different organizations in over 75 countries throughout his career that spans more than two decades. Ted Bauman holds post graduation in History as well as Economics from the famous University of Cape Town in South Africa. He moved to South Africa from the United States at a very young age, where he worked as an executive fund manager for the non-profit firm for nearly two decades after the completion of his education.

Ted Bauman in one of his other article wrote about how the people are not very particular about time management these days. Many of the problems in life can be solved with ease and simplified with the help of proper time management. One has to make sure that they have their day planned so that they can increase their productivity. One of the ways to do it is by waking up early and creating a to-do list the night before. It would allow them to get on the tasks for the day as soon as they get up. Ted Bauman feels that people should stay updated with the latest in the stock and financial market to understand where to invest and which investment options to avoid. He also urged people to avoid rumor mills when investing as it can lead to losses. Read more: http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Ted-Bauman