How Joel Friant Used His Innovation To Launch The Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is an innovator and small business owner who presently lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. After graduating from high school he started his first business. This business involved buying homes that a bank had foreclosed on, rehabbing it, and then selling the home to make a small profit.

In 1995, Joel Friant was a restaurateur who specialized in Thai Food. It was will operating this business that he decided to build a brand around one of his favorite things to spice up his food with, habanero peppers. He developed the Habanero Shaker which can be used to both season a food and it can be used while cooking. He differentiated his product from similar ones on the market by it being a premium brand. The only ingredient in the Habanero Shaker was habanero peppers. Other similar spices were a mix of habanero pepper, salt, and cheap spices.

The habanero pepper is part of the Chinense family of peppers. It’s not too mild or too hot to spice food with. It also has a really great flavor that Joel Friant calls sizzling. He says that habanero peppers need to be completely dried once they are harvested for two reasons. One, to ward off potential diseases and secondly because if they’re not dried they lose a good deal of the flavor.

In 2012, Joel Friant reintroduced his habanero brand as the Original Habanero Shaker. Along with the change in the name, he also moved sales from physical grocery stores to online sells at the two e-tailers Amazon and eBay. The reason for this is that by doing online sales you can reach a global market. He says it also makes it a lot easier to do advertising for his product since the ads and the Original Habanero Shaker are both online making it easier for consumers to buy.

Joel Friant also likes to point to the health benefits of eating habanero peppers. They contain capsaicin which, because it boosts your metabolism, may lead to weight loss. They’re also a natural antibacterial source and contain several vitamins such as both A and C.

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AvaTrade Review: How Genuine?

We recently decided to take a keen analysis of this Dublin, Ireland based Forex broker, AvaTrade. In this review, we want to answer some frequently asked questions such as is AvaTrade a trusted forex broker? Is it worth investing as a forex broker? Is AvaTrade a scam? What kind of services does AvaTrade provide?

It is always the wish of every investor to find a reliable forex broker to deal with. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right forex broker considering their high number in the forex market. There are thousands of forex brokers online and each one of them is after people who can trade on their platforms. Let us take a keen look at

AvaTrade and what exactly it does.

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 when forex experts and financial professionals came together with experts in web commerce to create a solution for online forex traders. AvaTrade is an online platform where forex traders get a chance to trade from wherever they are across the world. The platform has a user guide for investors who are not familiar with forex trading and yet would like to engage in the trade.

What AvaTrade is not

The purpose of this review is to provide you as an investor or prospective investor with the true picture of AvaTrade as a forex broker. For that reason, we shall provide with both sides of the coin so that you can make an informed decision.

 AvaTrade is just a trading platform and therefore as an investor you will have to carry out transactions by yourself.

 The AvaTrade platform will not indicate how much money to invest or trade with. Instead, the system will provide you with statistics of how previous amounts have performed so that you can make an informed decision.

What AvaTrade provides

AvaTrade offers its users with simple trading tools as well as a user guide for those who are new to forex trading. Besides it also has a crash course for people who would want to learn more about forex trading.

AvaTrade was founded in Dublin, Ireland and was founded in 2006. The company has users in over 100 countries and transacts more than $60 billion every month in investor trading.

Useful Investing Advice From The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is an independent financial research network and publishing firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their mission is to educate as many investors as possible to build, grow, protect and sustain their business and personal wealth.

As part of that mission, the Club recently published an article on its four main investment strategies. It has made this material freely available to everyone interested so everyone may benefit from the advice. The Oxford Club wants all investors to succeed, whether or not they enroll for its paid services.

The Club’s first investing principle is to diversify your investment portfolio. Many investors have heard of diversification as a risk minimization strategy, and so they buy a handful of different stocks. But that doesn’t go far enough. As Harry Markowitz proved back in the 1950s, investors need to spread their money out among all assets classes, and not hold just stocks. Markowitz won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work.

Therefore, the Oxford Club recommends people hold stocks, but also bonds, options, commodities and alternative investments as well. And diversification also means to diversify what you own within each asset class as well. And you should diversify risk levels as well. For instance, you can buy Treasury bonds, corporate bonds and municipal bonds. Corporate bonds vary in the amount of risk they have from bonds rated AAA to high-yield junk bonds. Municipal bonds are considered generally safe, but that really depends on the financial status of the particular local government involved. If a city’s economy is booming, its bonds are clearly safer than a city located within an area with a poor economy and high unemployment.

The Oxford Club has over 157,000 members of entrepreneurs and investors in 130 countries. It publishes newsletters, sends out trading alerts and hosts investing symposiums.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi – The Biggest Brazilian Banker

He was born on October, 6, in 1951. He completed his graduation from the faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters of São Paulo de Marília (at present UNESP. He also holds a degree in Socio-Psychology. He started his career as a clerk at Banco Bradesco at the young age of seventeen. After the hard work of fifteen years, he was promoted to the post of Marketing Director which mainly focused on private pensions. He remained at that post for eight years. Due to his hard work and dedication towards his profession he eventually gained the post of CEO.

In 1992 he became the CEO of Bradesco. He remained at that post for a year until the end of 1998 when he was elected as Managing Director at Banco Bradesco. Within a year he was promoted to the post of Executive Vice President. In 2003 he was appointed as the President of Bradesco Seguros, which included eight other companies like Capitalization, Bradesco Saúde and Bradesco Vida e Previdência. At that moment he planned the launch of Bradesco’s shares on the New York Stock exchange.

While he was the President, Bradesco Seguros reached to the twice of its original size and appeared as a leading company in the country. Under his supervision Bradesco sponsored Lagoa Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro for the period of twenty years. Insurance companies’ performance increased from 25% to 35% and became the leading company in Latin America. Within his forty-year service, he gained a lot of experience of working in the bank and had worked at different levels. He became the master of banking and insurance skills.

In 2009 he was appointed as the 4th President of Banco Bradesco after the death of his founder in 1991. After taking the control he made plans and strategies which were beneficial to both customers and organization. He is a man of values and prefers to be known by his work not by name. He was a competitive chief banking executive officer due to which government used to hire him for the execution of critical projects. Due to his loyalty he was awarded several times by the alternatives he worked with.

For the year 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was known as the Entrepreneur of the year because he cracked a deal worth $5.2 million by buying the HSBC Brazilian branch. He had farsightedness and worked as per demands of people. He is a serious business minded individual to say the least. One of the best parts about him is that everyday he arrived before time and worked till late.

Soon the president will be replaced, as Banco Bradesco has announced Octavio de Lazari Junior as the new president, who at present heads Bradesco Seguros. He will replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi in the executive board. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be part of the Presidency of the Council and will be in the executive position up until 12th March when an ordinary general meeting will be held.

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Jeff Yastine Recommends Three Challengers to Amazon

Jeff Yastine recently broke down a few major corporations that, due to possible acquisition in the future, may be able to challenge Amazon regarding its retail department, as well as boost investors’ portfolios’ by a significant margin. In December of 2017, the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing, spoke about the upcoming trend of mergers and acquisitions due to occur in 2018, highlighting the process as a lucrative opportunity for savvy investors looking to improve their portfolios. This strategy proved to be fruitful for investors holding Embraer stock, as there were talks of a merger between the Brazilian aircraft powerhouse and Boeing, which caused its stock to rise close to one-third. Read more at

His first recommendation is the grocery store chain, Kroger, as its stock recently fell by one-third, due to the fact that shareholders were concerned over the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon. In his expert opinion, Kroger has made the necessary moves to take on the electronic commerce giant, as well as the fact that, since it acquired Whole Foods, prices have only dropped a little, while the quality of its products has noticeably declined. Kroger, in turn, has 3,000 stores nationwide, and with the incoming addition of automated checkout systems, overhead expenses will be able to compete with Amazon.

Jeff Yastine has also recommended eBay as a stock to invest in as it currently ranks as one of the top online retailers in existence and also has the warehouses to provide order fulfillment services. In his opinion, eBay is already on par to compete with Amazon regarding a few parts of the retail sector, but the retailer could become a more formidable adversary if it is purchased by another top company. Google is a possible candidate for purchase, as it would be in prime position to take on Amazon with the addition of eBay, which would also be beneficial for the retailer as it would bring about free advertising for the company through the Google search engine.

Jeff Yastine also recommends buying stock in W.W. Grainger, as its stock price recently fell, over worry about its ability to compete with Amazon. In his opinion, it is the firm’s infrastructure that sets it apart, making it a lucrative option for potential buyers. Grainger currently has its own storage and distribution facilities throughout the country, which could be a major plus for a number of companies if they were to acquire its assets.

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Investing: How I Got to the Top – the Igor Cornelsen Story

In The Beginning

Igor Cornelsen began his studies in engineering school in 1965. He attended the only engineering school in his country, The Federal University of Parana. After attending school for 2 years he decided to make a change, this decision would impact his life forever. The decision was to begin studying economics. Read more about Igor Cornelsen on

The Next Step

After graduating Igor Cornelsen grew to recognition while working for an investment bank. With his unique ability to and skills of calculating compound interests and sliding rules, he became known as a shrewd and skilled investor. In 1974 he was promoted to the Board of Directors of Multibanco. In 1976, just two years later, Cornelsen’s rise to the top became apparent when he became the CEO of the same institution. Cornelsen’s career continued to grow in Brazil until 1985 when he moved on to work for the Libra Bank PLC, a London Merchant Bank. In addition, after his servitude to the London Merchant Bank, he went on to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, not only as an investment banker but as a member of the Board of Directors and a representative of his beloved Brazil.

Strategies and Philosophies

In 1995 Igor Cornelsen started his own investment firm. He firmly believes in trusting his own mind and judgement, this shrewd strategy has not failed him but only once in his career. In addition, he believes in real truth, not biased opinions on how funding will affect the economy of a country. His days begin early as he searches through current news to study the economies and big companies money moves.

One of Cornelsen’s rule of thumb or philosophy, is not to waste time on information based on other analysts. He uses information from Reuters, the information given by them is unbiased and really good information. His main strategy to grow business opportunities is based on finding out assets that depreciate before his colleagues. With these strong practices and his skillful talent, Igor Cornelsen has made a name for himself amongst investment advisors in his country as well as the world.


The Uniqueness of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a very successful non-profit public charter school system for elementary students. The focus is on economically challenged geographical areas where there is little or no quality educational opportunities.

In many low economic areas, the tax base is very low or even non-existent thus there is no opportunity for school improvement or enhancement. The result is a very severe gap in the education of the children in that area which is never recovered unless drastic measures are taken.

In an instance like this, Rocketship Education could be deemed as a “drastic measure” for the good as the results have been nothing short of fantastic. Rocketship believes that each child has potential that can only be unlocked if the child has the opportunity to be in the position to take advantage of their talents.

Rocketship develops a strong partnership with the parents, the community, the expert educators, and the students. Each year, teachers pay a planned visit to the homes of students so they can empower parents to be a major part of the education of the child. They explain that when the parent becomes involved, they are empowered to help make their child the best that they can be.

The focus is on relationships and how they affect the overall outcome for everyone who has a stake in the success of the student. The curriculum is all about the STEM program that has been developed by Rocketship. This involves science, technology, engineering, and math. Other areas emphasize empathy, responsibility, respect, and persistence. In addition, time is spent in other areas such as art, music, and gardening.

The emphasis of Rocketship Education is in the elementary levels simply because if a strong foundation is not laid in the beginning, then the rest of the journey will not be as successful as it could be. The results speak for themselves about the outcome of students who move on from Rocketship.

A recent study shows that Rocketship alumni were consistently more successful in middle school as far as academic achievement, emotional and social abilities, and overall confidence. Rocketship students are fully capable of graduation from the elementary levels of school a full year before their peers who are in the public schools.

OSI Group & The Foodservice Revolution

Food services are some of the most important services on earth. Without these invaluable services, the world would literally shutdown. Foodservice providers are in abundance around the world, but the United States is home to one of the very best. OSI Group is its name and providing the very best in custom-food solutions is its game. This company has been around for more than a century, and it has helped to revolutionize the industry with its attributes. OSI Group just so happens to be one of the biggest private companies in the U.S. The company is an industry unto itself thanks to its 20,000 employees and 65 state-of-the-art facilities.

These facilities are very technologically advanced, especially when being compared to the facilities of other similar companies. OSI Group has facilities in Poland, in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Japan, in China, in Brazil, in Australia and in many more countries. When you think of custom-value food products, nobody does it better than this company. Foods, foods and more foods. OSI Group can produce a wide variety of tasty foods such as meatballs, hotdogs, beef patties, Tofu, beans, panini, flatbread, chili, soups, cooked sausage links, pasta, cheese, pulled pork, turkey products, cookies and many more. The sky is truly the limit.

One of the major reasons for the company’s success is by participating in acquisitions. In 2016, OSI Group acquired two of the world’s top foodservice providers. This includes BAHO Foods and Flagship Europe. Thanks to these two vital acquisitions, the company can now expand into uncharted territories. Over 18 additional countries will be able to receive high-quality foods that they would otherwise have not gotten.In 2017, the British Safety Council presented OSI’s Kelly Grimwood with the Globe of Honour Award for excellence in environmental management. On top of that, the company has won this exact award back in 2013 and in 2015. This goes to show the excellence that this company displays on a consistent basis. What more can you ever ask for? All in all, OSI Group is leading by example because it’s delivering on all promises as well as setting newer trends.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Phenomena Reaches High Popularity Among Millennial Girls

One young woman whose cosmetics career has become a thing of beauty is Doe Deere, the founder of the Lime Crime brand. Lime Crime has so many cosmetic products from makeup to lipstick and gloss, eye shadow, and hair dyes of some of the most exotic colors. Doe Deere has put together blog pages and videos showing how to apply the cosmetics and also has social media pages for Lime Crime detailing new products and upcoming hits. Deere is a lover of animals and is quick to advertise her products are vegan and involve absolutely no animal cruelty in their making.


Doe Deere is Russian-born and points back to selling fake tattoos as a 13-year old as the starting point for her entrepreneurship. When she reached 17, she had the opportunity to come to the US both to study and possibly become a singer that could make it to a big record company. She lived in New York City for several years and sung in an alternative band and picked up a few performing gigs with them, but it never quite turned into dream she had hoped it would. But still, she had other ambitions and while still performing she attended a fashion design school on the side and decided to start running an eBay store selling her own custom-designed brand which she named “Lime Crime” even before selling any cosmetics. But soon Doe Deere realized she needed to liven up Lime Crime promotions by using colors on her own cosmetics that were not hot on the market yet, and then she realized these colorful cosmetics actually could be the real angle to Lime Crime, so she started selling them full-time instead of fashions.


As Lime Crime started morphing from simply an eBay-based cosmetics brand to having more demand from customers, Doe Deere decided to turn it into a big company and relocated to Los Angeles in 2011. She started assembling a team of cosmetics enthusiasts and before long, Lime Crime had its official headquarters. Doe Deere has always been one to live her life by a schedule that she follows not by simply looking at calendar or office daily event planner, but one that naturally comes just by starting off her day with her favorite meals followed by going to her favorite Lime Crime product of the day, and then to the office and hearing what customers and clients have to say about products. Deere has also hosted many cosmetic giveaway prizes as part of engaging customers in the Lime Crime experience, and like many other e-commerce companies she takes reviews very seriously. Learn more:


One of the main reasons Doe Deere chose a unicorn for the Lime Crime symbol is because it represents a dream world where every girl can value being unique and free to express themselves with no judgment. Doe Deere has made her love of animals well-known by giving to charities like the Bideawee animal shelter and Adopt NY. You can get close to Doe Deere and her favorite Lime Crime products by going to her Facebook page, or by going to Instagram or Twitter.

Gregory Aziz Dedication in Leading National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz as part of the leaders that have contributed a lot to the transformation of the National Steel Car occupies the position the Chairperson of the company. Gregory James Aziz has made the company dominate the railroad freight market for almost a decade. All the operations and the decisions that mark the directions of the group are prepared in head office located in Hamilton. Aziz has set an efficient team of staff concerned with the crafting of the firm’s objectives. They are all professionals qualified in the different field and with enough experience in the field of marketing.


The feature that has made the company stand out in the market is the cooperative nature of the members that has enhanced the teamwork among the workers in the organization. Furthermore, the idea has led to the sharing of the crucial ideas in the field of technology to bring the changes in the innovative factor of the company. The techniques used by the company in approaching its goals are updated. The concept has made it lead in the sphere of engineering and manufacturing.


National Steel Car has dedicated its time in attaining the set standards of the products. All its products are produced under the dictates of the statement according to the regulation of ISO. The assurance of the quality by the National Steel Car has won the trust of clients in the field. National Steel Car through the board members and Gregory James Aziz has set up an expansion of its reach to the customers through the branches opened up in other regions of the world. The aim is to create a conducive environment where distributors of their products can contact company’s clients and get the response from them. The company has been in the right lane since it was founded in 1912. Since Gregory J Aziz took over the leadership of the company in the 1990s, it has increased its employees to more than 900.


Gregory Aziz was raised up in London. He made debut in education at Ridley College and later joined University of Western Ontario where he studied economics. Gregory Aziz was part of the team members who were running the Affiliated Foods, a family business in 1971. He assisted the industry to gained recognition in parts of Europe and America. Furthermore, during his period as the manager of the company, he recorded substantial returns due to the exports made by the firm.


Gregory James Aziz has substantiated his pragmatic skills of leadership through the success of the National Steel Car. Find More Information Here.