Kim Dao Enjoys a Girl’s Day with Sunnydahye

In the video titled “Girl’s Day in Tokyo-Shopping in SHIBUYA, Nails and Haul ft. Sunnydahye,” video blogger Kim Dao and fellow video blogger and friend Sunnydahye go shopping, dining, and enjoying getting their nails done in exciting Shibuya. Kim Dao and her friend visited Tru Nail in Shibuya to start the day. The salon has colorful flowers all over. Kim Dao chooses different soft shades of pink for her nails, and then she adds the embellishment of rhinestones for an added pop. Kim Dao and Sunnydahye then go on to have lunch together at Genki Sushi restaurant. It is a cozy and fun spot that offers a wide selection of food to choose from. Kim Dao and Sunnydahye enjoy sushi rolls and french fries together. Kim Dao then takes us to the mall Shibuya 109. They even visit a book store together, and Kim Dao reveals that she’s never seen Star Wars. Kim Dao even purchases an adorable gift for her friend Audrey. Kim then shows off her impressive singing skills at karaoke. At the end of the video Kim Dao and Sunny enjoy dining at a restaurant called Hot Pot where they enjoy the conclusion of their girls day.

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