Keep Your Wikipedia Page Right by Hiring the Right Professionals

Whenever you search something in Google, the Wikipedia link does not fail to appear among the top five results on the Google search page. Having your information or brand posted to a page such as Wikipedia you realize how such a link can be a very effective marketing tool for whether it is your personal brand or company. Despite also being known as a collaborative online encyclopedia, Wikipedia does not require one to hire Wiki writers to create posts. You can create a Wiki page that offers detailed information about your personal brand or business. However, it is also possible to hire a Wikipedia expert who can make credible edits to your Wikipedia page so that it can serve you in the most effective way possible.

The Wikipedia site allows anyone to make Wiki edits to any page that is posted on the site. This also opens up doors to people who might deface your Wikipedia page even without you knowing it. Recently, a Kenyan news reporter, Larry Madowo, woke up to find his Wikipedia page edited in a way to suggest that he was a politician born in 1889. One of his fans took a screenshot when they decided to update a Wikipedia page about his professional work history and shared it on social media to which, the 29-year-old news anchor decided to make fun out of the situation. Madowo simply stated that it was an awesome biography.

Madowo, the host to a television show called ‘The Trend,’ had Wikipedia revisions made to his page by claiming that he was a Kenyan politician and leader of a made-up political party named the ‘Kazi Party.’  Being referred to as a Kenyan dictator, his defaced page also claims that Mr. Madowo initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in 1939. To add a bit more humor, his defaced page concludes “Larry Madowo is currently a news anchor, with suspicion he might be a vampire.”

Of course, with Mr. Madowo’s page it would seem that somebody was trying to make a big joke at his expense, but in many other instances, Wikipedia edits might cause harm to your public image or even your personal brand or business. It is, thus, critical for one to make use of professional who always ensure that information posted on your page is accurate and rightfully serves you in creating a positive image to your public.