Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I airport, in the early days was very small and had only 1 grass air strip. It was later paved and re-opened on July 6,2002. The airport was situated in a residential area. Many of the locals could walk from their homes to the airport, only to be disappointed when it was dismantled in July,2005, due to government and public concerns over safety and noise.

After addressing the concerns of the government and public, the airport was successfully re-opened on July 1,2009, with international flights to Pago, Pago becoming a part of the manifest. The re-opening of the airport according to tripadvisor.com.br was met with much controversy and criticism, for both environmental and safety issues concerning airport configuration, and potential burdens on local communities should the project fail.

Upon re-opening Fagali’I airport, a third DH-C6 twin otter was purchased to better serve the public, despite the suspension of services to many of the islands. Service to the American and Somoan routes were added to the Polynesian airline with numerous weekly trips. The airport is small but, is the second busiest airport in Samoa. There’s only one runway and the terminal is pretty basic. It’s the smallest airport in the Somoan area.

FGI is located in the city of Apia, these days, over 1 airline carrier fly approximately 0 flights per week. The top airline carrier flying out of Fagali’I airport is Ostfriesische, Lufttransport, and they fly over 403 flights every month, while Fagail’I airport havs 0 flights every month.

In 2009 on google.com, Polynesian Airlines spent over $1 million to meet safety and security standards as stipulated by the Somoa CAA, the regulatory authority. Seven months later the airport was up and running. Fagali’I airport is once again up and running, with the assistance of many who has wanted to see the airport thrive again.

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