End Citizens United: Who Exactly Are They?

End Citizens United also known as ECU is a political organization formed in 1st, May 2015 with its headquarters at Washington D.C. After the 2010 supreme court ruling that allowed interested anonymous individuals and groups to use their money (dark money) to support their preferred candidate to win U.S elections, End Citizens United was formed to support candidates who have reform dreams but don’t have a wealthy influence to help them attain their political dreams. These candidates are to be champions of constitutional amendments that allow individual citizens to be the ones that approve a candidate other than corporations.

With this goal in mind, the organization raises money from the grassroots to support their candidate hence creating an equal ground for the contestants. Through their page one can be able to not only support and donate to a pre-reform candidate of their choice but also understand how citizens united can be stopped. The organization also focuses on short-term financial laws that influence elections. It also seeks to overturn citizen united through a constitutional amendment.

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The organization has been thriving on its able leadership team led by Tiffany Muller who is the first president. She also serves as an executive director in the same organization. With her past experiences as a deputy for senatorial campaigns, she was able to raise 25 million in the year 2016. Other leaders include; Matt Burgess vice president, Adam Bozzi communications director, Anne Feldman press secretary, Andrew Laskar Finance director and Jordan Wood political director all of whom have a lot of experience from serving with successful political candidates in the past. The organization also has a board made up of a good number of political professionals.

When the company started they were able to raise 2 million in support of a preferred candidate in August 2015 elections. With only a few months remaining for midterm elections 2018, End Citizens United continues to embrace candidates who have shown their unending support of financial reform efforts through their campaigns. The company has chosen candidates to support in different capacities opposing republican incumbents based on their past reaction on dark money i.e. Supports those who don’t support dark money and instead support measures that will ensure the flow of money through Washington D.C.

Due to the mode of raising money adopted by End Citizens United, their candidates are advantaged because they are connected directly to the grassroots as their supporters are small donors and citizens with just a few dollars. For this year’s election they organization is targeting to raise more than 35 million dollars in support of pro-reform candidates. The organization urges those who don’t support dark money to donate whatever they can afford to help promote candidates who don’t support dark money.