Perry Mandera has no boundaries in giving

Perry Mandera is a renowned philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer and the founder of the Custom Companies Inc. Perry is also known to have served for long in transport industries and acquired experience in the industry. He started his career by serving in the Marines where he was in charge of overseeing transportation of troops and supplies.


While serving in the Marine, Mandera realized that shipping services could have a significant impact. This helped shape his career path, and as a result of the experience and skills he gathered, today Perry Mandera is a successful man servicing the shipping requirements of people in Illinois.


Perry Mandera has interest in politics as he knows it is a way to serve the people close to him. After his service to the United State Marine corps, he was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman where he served for four years. He was the youngest to be elected as a committeeman in the city.


In 1986, he founded Custom Care Company which is headquartered at Northlake, Illinois. The company deals with transportation services and has continued to thrive in offering logistics services to the clients. As a result of his success and good work in the transport industry, his company was named as one of the top 100 American Transportation services of the Millennium.


Away from his career, Mandera is known to be a kind and a generous man. He is passionate about giving back to his community and the less fortunate. Mandera has always supported kids in need by providing clothes as well as transportation when need be.


Custom Care Charities is an organization he founded for his charity projects. This is a clear indicator that Mandera has no boundaries when it comes to giving and supporting those in need. Mandera through his organization also funds other legitimate charity organizations as long as they share the same philosophy of giving. Sport is not left out in his giving; he supports various sports teams and also gives coaching lessons for basketball and baseball to the youth. Perry Mandera studied at Chicago high school.