The Reemergence of George Soros in American Politics and His Philanthropic Missions

One of the billionaires from around the world who has spent most of his resources and time in supporting philanthropic organizations and liberal political causes is known as George Soros. The work he does is meant to establish transparency and better democratic principles in governance. Another issue that touches his heart is the need to create better living standards and civilization all over the world. For a long time to date, he has been engaged in the political activities in the US. In 2004 he funded political activities and lobby groups who were fighting to prevent the former President Bush from ascending to power. He has also contested the Presidential seat.

For a brief period, George Soros had faded from active participation in American Politics, although he continued working away from the public limelight. However, in 2016 he reemerged from his quite operations and took center stage of political causes again. He was primarily supporting the Democratic presidential ticket holder, Hilary Clinton who is also a long-time close ally and friend. To give the candidature of Clinton more strength, he donated $25 million, and part of the money also went into helping other favorite Democratic candidates whom he wished to see elected. Long before the political campaigns began, many Americans were hopeful the support from George Soros would make Hillary Clinton win the presidential race, and that is why his comeback in 2016 was quite remarkable. Read his profile at Washington Times.

In his support for Hillary, he contributed to the activities of groups such as American Bridge 21st Century, the Priorities USA Action, the Senate Majority PAC, the Voting Rights Trust, the Planned Parenthood Votes and America Votes. Another thing that makes Soros stands out as a Democratic reformer and philanthropic is the work he does through the Open Society Foundation. He has so far contributed more than $33 billion to support various social and political causes. Several groups gladly helped him when he ignited the Ferguson protest movement, and importantly all the groups that were involved in the protest were nonprofits. His involvement in the protest made the authorities to take notice, and they acted immediately.

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George Soros initially live in Budapest in Eastern Europe. He was brought up during the Nazi occupation which caused a lot of suffering to many people. They did not allow the evil forces to dominate them, so they fought back and immigrated. He came to London, and by doing odd jobs in hotels, bars and as a railway porter he was able to raise enough money to pay for his tuition at the London School of Economic. After completing his studies, he started working for several merchants bank. This made him interested in financial investment. George Soros began trading in stocks and shares, and before long he was able to establish his hedge fund. After being in London for a while, he moved to the USA and set up operations on Wall Street. He founded the Soros Fund which prospered and was later renamed the Quantum Fund. Today he is 85 years old and still involved in many humanitarian missions in the world. Learn more about his profile at