FreedomPop Discovers a Whole New WIFI Market and Takes Advantage of the Opportunity

People might not believe this but there are close to 200 million abandon phones within the United States. In an era where the technology divide is widening and millions of people do not have free access to the internet; FreedomPop is stepping in to do something about this problem.


Before this issue with WIFI is addressed, the company FreedomPop will be discussed. FreedomPop is a free data and talk company that provides people with 200 minutes of calls, 500 texts, 500MB data a month once they sign up.


After they become members, most people have a tendency to purchase more services from FreedomPop. They really come to enjoy the great service that FreedomPop provides and do not mind spending the extra money outside of the free services that they have been given. Now that you are aware of who FreedomPop is, let’s take a look at their free unlimited WIFI.


People who has a data plan on their mobile device clearly understands that this service is not unlimited. If they go over their data amount for a month they will be charged an extra fee. This is frustrating for most people because they just feel rushed while they are connected to the internet. They do not want to pay the extra chargers which are usually high.


FreedomPop found a way around this issue. They set up a nationwide network that allows people to receive unlimited WIFI for their devices for just $5 a month. Think that through. People can now use their devices to connect to the internet and use it in an unlimited way, for just $5 a month.


FreedomPop is has a deal with Sprint and they cannot connect a person if they are not a part of Sprint’s network. However, the $5 WIFI plan would eliminate the need for people to set up a plan with Sprint. Instead, they can just connect to the WIFI service that FreedomPop provides and get activated through this process.


With over 200 million mobile devices sitting around without internet connectivity; this is a great opportunity for FreedomPop and for consumers who do not have WIFI services. You can find out more about this WIFI service and FreedomPop review by visiting TechCrunch.


FreedomPop May Not Advertise Much, But They Are Still A Popular Company

It’s not everyone who wants to be a customer of FreedomPop, this may only be because they don’t have information about the company because FreedomPop is not heavily invested into advertising like many other wireless service providers. Usually, it takes a FreedomPop review to convince a customer to switch to FreedomPop services because it’s unlikely that they are going to see an advertisement on TV about FreedomPop services. Even though FreedomPop is available all over the USA, a lot of people haven’t heard about the services, so they may still be overpaying for their wireless services to another provider.


Here’s a great way to avoid overpaying for services, simply switch to FreedomPop. The difference between FreedomPop and many other wireless carriers is that they keep their prices low, and they even have an unlimited plan that other wireless services have but at a much lower price. When other wireless services are proud to be charging $50 or even a hundred dollars for their unlimited plans, FreedomPop charges only $19.99 for their plan. With unlimited talk, text messages, and data, any user will be happy with this plan, especially since they get 1 GB of 4G LTE data with it.


What’s even better is the fact that FreedomPop has even lower prices than the unlimited everything plan is charging, such as the regular unlimited plan. The $10.99 unlimited plan is mostly for those who need unlimited talk and text, but anyone who needs more than the 500 MB of data must think ahead. There are three different ways to get more data on the unlimited plan, which is by purchasing it for two cents per megabyte, using Wi-Fi services or by earning it when completing offers and surveys from FreedomPop. It’s up to the user how they choose to get extra data on their plan if they need it.


The free service plan is similar to the unlimited plan because it has unlimited text messages with 500 MB of data, but there are only 200 minutes on the plan. Data for the free plan is exactly the same as the paid plan. Many people choose the free plan because they are able to get away with not paying any money for it, especially if they have connections to Wi-Fi services. Anyone can join the Wi-Fi services from FreedomPop for only five dollars per month, giving them unlimited data.