Nick Vertucci’s 4 Keys To Success

In his new book, Seven Figure Decisions, Nick Vertucci teaches the 4 keys that have brought him success. His motto is “Have the balls to succeed,” and in this book Nick teaches you how to do just that.

Nick Vertucci is no stranger to success or failure. After the dot com crash in 2000, Nick lost everything. But in 2004 he bounced back by launching a successful real estate business and eventually starting his own real estate school; the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

In Seven Figure Decisions Nick shares how he was able to go from almost nothing to one of the most successful real estate investors in the country. The four keys to his success are simply:

1.) See it

2.) Believe it

3.) Map it

4.) Execute it

See It

Nick teaches his students how to visualize their end goal. By focusing on the details and giving the image of success life, Nick Vertucci teaches how to turn an abstract idea into reality.

Believe It

According to Nick, the brain is the most important muscle in the body. Not just for the sake of information, but mostly for the sake of confidence. That confidence gives his students the strength to succeed when most people fail. He teaches to not only believe in your vision, but to believe in yourself.

Map It

You can’t find treasure without a map, and you won’t find success without a plan. Once you have your goals and the confidence to success, Nick goes over the steps needed to make an effective action plan.

Execute It

Once you have the plan, then comes the moment to Act! Without the will to see it through, all you have in the end is a dream. Nick Vertucci helps his students take the first steps to launching their career and turning that dream into reality.

You can find Nick Vertucci’s newest book, Seven Figure Decisions on Amazon.