Securus Technologies’ Customer Reviews Reveals the firm’s Dedication to Transform Incarceration Environments in the United States

Securus Technologies is a private telecommunications company situated in Dallas, Texas. It offers inmates in correctional facilities a communication services that help them keep in touch with friends, family, and their legal attorneys in the outside world. To administrations in correctional facilities, it provides the following innovative services: recording and monitoring of calls, booking of inmates, investigative solutions, and voice identification among others.


Securus boasts of great innovative skills that make it one of the leading and most sought-after prison technology firms. It has received great positive feedback from jail officials all around United States (via email and letter communication) on how their products and services have helped improve public safety monitoring and recording in the incarceration environments.


By reading the various customer comments that the company published, it can be deduced that Securus Technologies’ products and services have greatly impacted the incarceration environments of various jails and prisons across the United States. The following are two of the most moving testimonials that I found noteworthy to highlight:

  • One of their clients highlighted that Information from phone calls helped them arrest corrupt staff who introduced contraband to prisons. The information from recordings also helped them in monitoring prisoners involved in illegal activities such as drug abuse/trafficking, and in solving cases by listening in on calls.
  • Another client stated that the investigative tools provided by Securus enabled them to launch investigations on occurrences of unfair treatment or likely threats. Tools such as the Location Based service (LBS) provide geographical information of the physical location of where calls are going, and have particularly assisted them in monitoring prison escapes, sneaking in of contraband, and plot to obstruct evidence.


It is not only positive comments from clients that motivate Securus do what they do best but also their team’s dedication. For instance, their Chief Executive Officer and chairman, Richard Smith, makes it clear that the company focuses on outcome-driven innovation. At least once each week, the company tries to develop products that are useful in preventing or solving crimes. On the whole, Securus Technologies has managed to establish itself as a trusted brand with a large market segment believing in its ability to deliver.