PSI- pay Digital Wallets in Europe and America

PSI- pay company has been in operation since 2007; it was established with the aim of providing support to businesses by helping them manage financial affairs. The headquarters for PSI –pay are based in the European Union; it has been authorized by the UK authorities to issue credit and debit cards as well as other electronic payments to more than 173 countries having about 44 different currencies. The primary categories the company deals with include credit cards and various Financial services. Over the years PSI pay has been ion the front line to design and provide digital wallets which vary in different countries.

In Europe people deal with cash where they have to carry various transactions using pound and euros for this reason their digital mobile wallet is designed in a way that its able to hold money. Unlike in America where people transact with credit and debit cards. According to geeksnews, their mobile wallet, in this case, is designed to fit a credit card which they use to make various transactions. The process of attaining a digital wallet is straightforward since it entails filling in the necessary details for the credit card and the account. In America, many website retailers have accepted digital wallet payments hence the popularity of digital wallets increases.

In America, researchers have concluded that most rich young people have adopted the use of mobile digital wallets since its safe from hackers and even theft. They can carry out various transactions efficiently from various businesses hence recommend others to use the digital mobile wallets. The wallets also save time since citizens don’t have to wait in lines to carry out multiple transactions. These are some of the benefits which follow the use of digital wallets which has a promising future. To know more about PSI Pay visit

PSI pay has aligned with Kerv company that provides various wearable devices such as the Zirconia Ceramic ring which is used by people in the United Kingdom to make merchant payments. This partnership aims at benefiting Kerv with the MasterCard affiliation. Both companies are working very hard to ensure they give customers the best and efficient methods of transaction that is both safe and reliable in any part of the world.


Anil Chaturvedi’s Contributions to the Banking Industry

Anil Chaturvedi is a banker with over forty years of experience in the banking industry. Anil has been able to build for himself a strong reputation in the industry for those years. In his career, Mr. Chaturvedi has worked with many banking and financial organizations. Working in these organizations has enabled him to gain the required experience in the field of banking. The banker currently uses these experiences to help him offer the best financial insights to his clients. Presently, he provides banking and economic advisory services to banks and multiple companies. His specialization is on private banking, investment banking, corporate advisory services as well as commercial banking.

Anil started working with the State Bank of India immediately after he finished his business administration master’s degree. He served as the marketing and business development manager at the bank. While at the bank, he assisted the State Bank of India’s New York Branch to create substantial business adding up to $ 500 million within four years. The bank awarded him the ‘Man of the Year title after this contribution. Chaturvedi left the State Bank in 1991 and later joining Anz Grindlays as its US Operations’ vice president. He worked for some few years at the ANZ Grindlays before moving to Merrill Lynch where he worked for 17 years. It was during his stay at the Merrill Lynch that Chaturvedi experienced his golden moments in his career. He not only gained more experience in the banking field but also went up the top ranks within the international banking industry working with international banks.

Presently, Anil Chaturvedi serves at the Hinduja Bank in Geneva, Switzerland since 2011. He is the managing editor and director of the bank. Chaturvedi has helped the bank through his experience and efficient marketing strategy thus making the Bank more popular. Moreover, Anil has put more effort into encouraging more business with the Indians that live in Europe. Since the Indian trade laws have undergone some reforms to become flexible, Mr. Chaturvedi is trying to bring more European investors into India. According to Mr. Chaturvedi, perseverance and hard work are the major factors that have seen him grow in the banking industry.

Vincent Parascandola, the financial professional

Vincent Parascandola, sometimes known instead as Vinnie, is the current Senior Executive Vice President at AXA Advisors, which was headquartered in 1859 but has since then spread out nationwide, branching out with nearly forty-three more locations. Mr. Parascandola is responsible for the offices of AXA Advisors, LLC in the Northeastern area of America as well as the branches in California and Hawaii while personally operating out of New York. He expertly and responsibly oversees everything from sales to recruiting to management development to retention to expense management and more. Mr. Parascandola has been with Axa Advisors, LLC for over twelve years – since June of 2004 or 2005 to present day – as a financial professional at Axa Advisors, LLC, which is a broker-dealer. He has worked with hundreds of financial professionals over the years, helping them hone their skills to make AXA Advisors the highest quality company available. You can visit Pocomuseum for more info.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University, New York, and began his career soon after with Prudential in 1987, quickly becoming National Rookie of the Year as well as beginning his more than twenty-five years of experience in the general industry. He moved on from Prudential to MONY Life Insurance Company three years later in 1990, and then left the MONY company after over a decade to join up with AXA Advisors.

On top of his numerous other accomplishments, Mr. Parascandola is also a natural-born leader and has been recognized many times as so, earning himself plentiful amount of awards. He is a powerful, influential speaker as well, and has shared this gift at many different industry and company conferences. You can follow him on Facebook

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When Do You Cut The Financial Apron Strings?

According to Financial and Law Specialist Sam Tabar, nothing is more difficult than trying to find that thin line between helping your child or hurting yourself. It’s emotionally exhausting trying to figure out which apron strings to cut and which ones to leave intact. One of those strings to decide on is the one that helps your child pay their bills. When is the best time to let go?

A survey done by Fidelity asked millennials between the ages of 25 and 35 some questions and the results were remarkable. It concluded that 47% stated that their parents have assisted in paying some of their bills from the moment they began living on their own. The largest percent being their cell phones at 21%, then groceries at 20%, clothes at 16%, utilities/ entertainment at 14% each and lastly, rent/mortgage at 12%.

What does all this mean for both the kids and their parents? The Federal Reserve reports that half of all Americans have $400 or less in savings, while the surveyed millennials had an average of $9,100! Even more baffling, over half of the millennials have investment and retirement accounts indicating that they are thinking about their future. That’s a noble thing, however it appears that it’s at the parent’s expense; they may be sacrificing while their children prosper. Will the parents have their own retirement savings to live on or will they give it all away to their children?

Parents who find themselves between this rock and a hard place need to take a genuine look at where they are when it comes to their own retirements. A small percentage of parents may be wealthy enough that helping their children is not taxing on their wallets at all. However, according to the statistics above, half will definitely be wiping out their own nest eggs by continuously helping a child pay bills.

If your child has a steady income, and/or a hefty savings, it’s time to have a serious talk with them about their independence. You can coach them along with your wisdom and give them encouraging pep talks as they adjust, but that’s it. It is now time to cut that apron string.

Sam Tabar presently serves as Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle Energy Fund where he supervises fund management. His mission is to end harmful energy usage and encourage fuels more benign to the atmosphere. Sam Tabar was also previously employed by Merill Lynch, managing its financial strategies.

Standing out among your typical financial guy, Sam Tabar also has practiced law and worked for various firms. He is a well-rounded, wise man that all parents and their grown kids alike, would do themselves much good to listen to.