The Uniqueness of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a very successful non-profit public charter school system for elementary students. The focus is on economically challenged geographical areas where there is little or no quality educational opportunities.

In many low economic areas, the tax base is very low or even non-existent thus there is no opportunity for school improvement or enhancement. The result is a very severe gap in the education of the children in that area which is never recovered unless drastic measures are taken.

In an instance like this, Rocketship Education could be deemed as a “drastic measure” for the good as the results have been nothing short of fantastic. Rocketship believes that each child has potential that can only be unlocked if the child has the opportunity to be in the position to take advantage of their talents.

Rocketship develops a strong partnership with the parents, the community, the expert educators, and the students. Each year, teachers pay a planned visit to the homes of students so they can empower parents to be a major part of the education of the child. They explain that when the parent becomes involved, they are empowered to help make their child the best that they can be.

The focus is on relationships and how they affect the overall outcome for everyone who has a stake in the success of the student. The curriculum is all about the STEM program that has been developed by Rocketship. This involves science, technology, engineering, and math. Other areas emphasize empathy, responsibility, respect, and persistence. In addition, time is spent in other areas such as art, music, and gardening.

The emphasis of Rocketship Education is in the elementary levels simply because if a strong foundation is not laid in the beginning, then the rest of the journey will not be as successful as it could be. The results speak for themselves about the outcome of students who move on from Rocketship.

A recent study shows that Rocketship alumni were consistently more successful in middle school as far as academic achievement, emotional and social abilities, and overall confidence. Rocketship students are fully capable of graduation from the elementary levels of school a full year before their peers who are in the public schools.