The Benefits Of Working For The Traveling Vineyard In Their Home Tasting Program

The Traveling Vineyard began its first home-based wine tasting in 2001. The firm sells wine of three categories namely, white, red, sweet and fizzy. Apart from selling wine, The Traveling Vineyard also sells decanters, openers, and chillers.

As a member of the Direct Selling Association, The Traveling Vineyard offers sales position opportunities to prospective individuals. One is required first to join the Wine Guide category to begin earning an income. An amount of 100 dollars is the payment to every wine guide on every event that the company hosts and an additional amount on every day of the three days selected in a month. After the sale of products, the individual also receives a 35 percent income commission generated from personally sold orders.

Traveling Vineyard motivates its direct sales agents through offers of trips for the best performing individuals. In comparison with other MLM enterprises, a prospective salesperson is charged a discounted amount of 174 dollars to join the Wine Guide program and a further 99 dollars for the success kit and 75 dollars for the first two sets of the tasting it.

The Traveling Vineyard has a commitment to offer clients with an exclusive opportunity to taste wine and demystify the traditional wine selection procedure. The firm focuses its effort in regrouping people for a relaxed experienced in homely inspired events and environment. The Traveling Vineyard’s events feature a variety of benefits for the Wine Guides such as a platform to network with like-minded professionals, make new friends, fulfill their dreams, realize financial goals, fun and a learning experience for the wine making and merchandising industry. The firm’s home based business strategy allows guides to program their schedules, structure their income and plan a future in the job opportunity.

The Traveling Vineyard has a strong social media presence such as is evident on the Facebook platform. Carolyn Harty expressed her appreciation and admiration for the firm’s wine tasting event early in January 2017. She explained that the company’s staff, Jen offered them with extensive knowledge of wines, wine and food pairings and wine tasting. The Traveling Vineyard’s Facebook page provides subscribers with regular advice on wine and wine pairings and often includes interesting ideas such as games to engage the users even more.

Over the years, the firm has received affirmations for its dedication, enthusiasm, and love of wine from approximately 90 percent of the hosts and guests that attend their events.

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