Meet Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Sameer Jejurikar, a popular plastic surgeon in the city of Dallas, has made a name for himself via medical aesthetics. This board-certified plastic surgeon works with one of the most exclusive medical-aesthetic facilities in the US. This facility just so happens to be known as Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This phenomenal surgeon provides work for the face, body, nose, eyes and breast. His studies in plastic surgery began at the University of Michigan. After attaining an undergraduate degree, Jejurikar began his medical training as the University of Michigan School of Medicine. While at this location, he would get selective to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society.

“A typical day for me is seeing patients, performing procedures and participating in surgeries,” said Jejurikar. Thanks to being so knowledgeable and well-versed, Dr. Jejurikar generally performs some form of surgical procedure everyday of the his work week. He is quite busy, but he certainly enjoys his craft. Thanks to his strong passion and courteous bedside manner, he has won the “Most Compassionate Doctor Award. “Myself and the patient discuss a collaborative plan that best addresses his or her needs,” said Jejurikar. This phenomenal surgeon often performs liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts and facelifts on a consistent basis. One of the biggest trends that excites him is the improvement in nonsurgical treatments. Instead of performing facial-rejuvenation surgery, he can now use dermal fillers like Botox and Juvederm to meet the needs of his patients.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar s blazing a new path in this dynamic field of work. He effectively utilizes advanced technologies such as Crisalix 3D Imaging, and he has his very own skincare line of products. These products are medical-grade, and they do an amazing job of eliminating wrinkles and eradicating fine lines. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is definitely the standard by which all others are measured.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Phenomena Reaches High Popularity Among Millennial Girls

One young woman whose cosmetics career has become a thing of beauty is Doe Deere, the founder of the Lime Crime brand. Lime Crime has so many cosmetic products from makeup to lipstick and gloss, eye shadow, and hair dyes of some of the most exotic colors. Doe Deere has put together blog pages and videos showing how to apply the cosmetics and also has social media pages for Lime Crime detailing new products and upcoming hits. Deere is a lover of animals and is quick to advertise her products are vegan and involve absolutely no animal cruelty in their making.


Doe Deere is Russian-born and points back to selling fake tattoos as a 13-year old as the starting point for her entrepreneurship. When she reached 17, she had the opportunity to come to the US both to study and possibly become a singer that could make it to a big record company. She lived in New York City for several years and sung in an alternative band and picked up a few performing gigs with them, but it never quite turned into dream she had hoped it would. But still, she had other ambitions and while still performing she attended a fashion design school on the side and decided to start running an eBay store selling her own custom-designed brand which she named “Lime Crime” even before selling any cosmetics. But soon Doe Deere realized she needed to liven up Lime Crime promotions by using colors on her own cosmetics that were not hot on the market yet, and then she realized these colorful cosmetics actually could be the real angle to Lime Crime, so she started selling them full-time instead of fashions.


As Lime Crime started morphing from simply an eBay-based cosmetics brand to having more demand from customers, Doe Deere decided to turn it into a big company and relocated to Los Angeles in 2011. She started assembling a team of cosmetics enthusiasts and before long, Lime Crime had its official headquarters. Doe Deere has always been one to live her life by a schedule that she follows not by simply looking at calendar or office daily event planner, but one that naturally comes just by starting off her day with her favorite meals followed by going to her favorite Lime Crime product of the day, and then to the office and hearing what customers and clients have to say about products. Deere has also hosted many cosmetic giveaway prizes as part of engaging customers in the Lime Crime experience, and like many other e-commerce companies she takes reviews very seriously. Learn more:


One of the main reasons Doe Deere chose a unicorn for the Lime Crime symbol is because it represents a dream world where every girl can value being unique and free to express themselves with no judgment. Doe Deere has made her love of animals well-known by giving to charities like the Bideawee animal shelter and Adopt NY. You can get close to Doe Deere and her favorite Lime Crime products by going to her Facebook page, or by going to Instagram or Twitter.