The Innovation and Impact of Dr. Jorge Moll on Neurological Research

Dr. Jorge Moll has decided that only truly disruptive science can remedy the cries of social change. He is a world renowned neurologist who is striving to help humanity with his research. He currently is president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Here he puts his staff to the test. Some ideas he believes are worthwhile and should be invested in.


Dr. Jorge Moll attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In 1994 and 1998 he received his medical school degree and completed residency respectively. Once he obtained his doctorate in experimental pathophysiology he began his many research efforts.


His work has won him many awards like the Visiting Scholar Award from Stanford University. He is seeking new ways to discover a link between the human brain and artificial intelligence. The vision Dr. Moll has is one with an interlocking of the two worlds to improve humanity as we know it. Once people can see the benefits of the software they will actually get on board. Software that will minimize the workload in the healthcare systems. Dr. Moll is interested in seeing the evolution of A.I. how it will improve many more areas of life.


Dr. Moll also is truly an entrepreneurial spirit. He desires to create and innovate. To implement new ideas and systems to make the lives of people better. Dr. Jorge Moll got into research for his own curiosity, but is staying because deeply seeks to help make our planet better. One way he discusses in an interview to help is advice he would have given himself. To keep being creative with ideas, but always be willing to let an idea go. His younger self thinks focusing on all ideas is a winning move. But now Dr. Moll is throwing away ideas much sooner.


Dr. Jorge Moll is both a president and senior researcher at D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He could delegate entirely the research portion of his job, however, he chose to be in the trenches. Passion over position Dr. Jorge Moll will continue find new ways and ideas to innovate and look forward to in the near future.