Don Ressler, the Birth of JustFab, Fabletics, and other Well-Known Brands




A renowned serial entrepreneur, Don Ressler is one of the people behind the successful existence of a couple of startups. The first company he established was which was later acquired by Intermix Media in 2001. While at Intermix Media, LinkedIn makes the case that Ressler initiated important ventures that helped in the improvement of shareholder value. Some of these ventures include Alena Media and Hydroderm.



He co-founded Alena Media with the Chief Operations Officer of Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg. Alena Media became the only profit center for Intermix as it generated hundreds of millions in terms of revenue. Ressler also spearheaded the creation of Hydroderm – a skin care brand and also has a hand in the founding of Brand Ideas.



In 2005, Intermix was acquired by News Corp at $650 million. Ressler and his partner did not have the patience to watch as the media conglomerate ignored the successful e-commerce firm they had constructed. Their frustrations and the fact that nothing was binding them to the new company gave them the courage to leave News Corp in search of fresh opportunities.



Today, Don Ressler is the co-founder and the Co-CEO of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. He began his career as a consultant working with firms looking for ways to benefit from the expanding online space. So far, Ressler spoke about how he has helped Internet companies raise over $100 million in capital. This success, coupled with his ability to generate more than $1 billion in sales has earned him the reputation of a guru in building businesses and brands.



After making themselves a name in the health and beauty Industry, thanks to Intelligent Beauty, Inc., Ressler and his friend Goldenberg decided to spread their wings further with TechStyle. They conceptualized a different type of personalized Internet shopping experience. The new venture was driven by the desire to bring together social interaction and cutting-edge fashion in a manner that permits affordability.



They knew that for fashion to work on the Internet, it must be engaging, fun and immensely social. They prepared adequately for the major expansion of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. which eventually gave birth to JustFab. Since it is a subscription model, members get a customized selection of handbags, shoes, and accessories every monthly, at $39.95.



In 2013, Don Ressler teamed up with Kate Hudson to create Fabletics – an important part of the portfolio brands that make up JustFab. Fabletics was designed with the aim of bringing fashion into the world of fitness. It has gone a long way in integrating active wear into both individuals’ daily lives, and the corporate life.

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