CEO Randal Nardone Steers Fortress Investment Group Through Its Purchase By SoftBank

CEO Randal Nardone
R. Nardone, Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is one of the co-founders of the alternative asset manager Fortress Investment Group, LLC. He is a principal, the chief executive officer, and is on the board of directors. He was a student at the University of Connecticut where he studied English and biology. He earned a law degree at the Boston University School of Law and then moved to New York City and got a job at a boutique law firm, Thacher Proffitt & Wood.

He decided to enter the world of finance fairly early on in his career. He worked at both BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. and UBS before joining some business partners to establish Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He highly involved in the private equity side of the business and has taken executive-level positions at several of Fortress Investment Group’s subsidiaries and the companies that they have invested in. Read more at Wikipedia.

Randal Nardone is also on the board of directors for companies that Fortress has invested in. Among these are Seacastle, Inc., Eurocastly Investment Ltd., Florida East Coast Railway Corporation, Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation, and Springleaf REIT, Inc. He brings a wealth of management experience to these positions and a firm vision of where these companies should invest their resources in order to drive growth.

Fortress was the first private equity firm to ever go public in 2007. It was also the first private equity firm to go back to being privately-held on December 27, 2017. They were purchased by the Japanese conglomerate giant SoftBank Group Corporation. They paid $3.3 billion for Fortress. When this deal was closed Randal Nardone retained all of his positions at Fortress, as did the rest of the executive team and staff.

Randal Nardone says that Fortress Investment Group operates as an independent firm even though it is owned by SoftBank. One of the U.S. federal regulators requirements to approve Fortress’ purchase was that this is the case. About the only change that really occurred was that they no longer have to do earning calls. The executive team is pretty thrilled to once again be privately held because it gives them the ability to once again focus on long-term growth.

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Women Empowerment with Susan McGalla

Equality is something that has been discussed for a long time. Many positions have been set aside for the male professionals. Being a woman in a male-dominated field has not been easy for women who have dared to try the positions. Besides, when seeking the positions, the odds of being offered the higher ranks have always been inclined to the male individuals.

Well, it is lame judging individuals based on their gender, right? However, it has not stopped many leaders from using it as a basis of delegating duties. Susan McGalla is among the women who have held their heads high to prove that women have the ability to give required results regardless of their gender.

Susan McGalla has acquired all the positions she has acquired through hard work and diligence. Her breakthrough came when she was nominated to participate in the American Eagle Outfitters which is mainly dominated by men. This did not stop her from sharing her ideas and making her the best President of the organization.

Susan McGalla later resigned from the position and started her P3 Executive Consulting business which took her women empowerment to another level. Her confidence has given her a chance to enjoy great success making her the envy of many women. Her gender did not stop her from being heard and respected in her field.

Susan McGalla has encouraged many women to focus on their careers and go for what they want. She is recognized as a source of motivation and inspiration to her fellow women in her area. Although the chart of women embracing leadership is taking so long to rise, there is a slight improvement in the sector.

Final Verdict

The question of whether women can handle big responsibilities has been on the headlines for a while. Thanks to confident women like Susan McGalla, the fight is finally bearing fruits. It is the high time women step up and go for what they want.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a great entrepreneur

Being a leader comes with responsibilities and every leader is expected to make positive impacts on society. If you are a leader, you have to understand various aspects of life and people. You are an inspiration to many. Felipe Montoro Jens is a great leader and an entrepreneur who has made positive changes in society. He has used his leadership abilities to do charitable work and help other entrepreneurs. He is one person who has used his leadership skills correctly. Felipe is passionate about his work, and he is always concerned with the opinion of others. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe has worked for various organizations and used his leadership ability to propel the companies to great heights. He is always working to sharpen his leadership skills. The entrepreneur is talented and can oversee various areas of life like corporate finance, project management, and planning. Felipe Montoro Jens graduated with a degree in Business Administration and acquired the theoretical knowledge to run large organizations. He pursued a postgraduate degree from Thunderbird and earned a degree in international management. He has a great educational background that has enabled him to achieve great things in life.

Felipe Montoro Jens also has great public speaking skills, and he stands out when addressing various issues. Felipe has been described by many as a gifted person when it comes to public speaking. At one time, he was invited to speak at the World Economic Forum. The forum was held in Latin America. At the forum, he discussed the many economic issues facing the world. Most people attend the conference with the aim of discussing various problems that affect various businesses. Felipe is an inspirational person, and many people look up to him. Talking on such forums has enabled him to help point out many issues that affect the economy of the world.

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OSI Group

OSI Group established its first family meat outlet in the year 1909 in Chicago. Since then, OSI Group has remained steadfast on dedicating its operations to ensure customer’s success.

Consequently, most of the world’s biggest brands have been regarding the firm as their premier food provider. Those brands have been trusting OSI Group Limited to be delivering to their processing and product needs. OSI Company is always at the forefront of the firms that optimize costs while offering quality services, value and streamline processes.

OSI has a long history that dates back to over 100 years of operations. Its history is rich in superior customer relations, recognition of growth opportunities, and technological innovations. It is this exciting history that allowed the enterprise to grow from a locally managed meat processor to becoming one of the leading international meat and food processing enterprises.

Today, OSI Group provides food solutions to countless clients around the globe, and it continues to attain more and more customers each day. It also has been ensuring proper utilization of technological advancements that bring along some new techniques of making food production and processing a fast and reliable task.

Presently, OSI Group boasts of over 20,000 employees who provide services in its 65 premises that are located in over 17 different countries throughout the world. The rise and growth of OSI have become a thing of pride to the American history especially in the economic growth of the 20th century. OSI is an example of a developer of the still-evolving history of the contemporary and globalized economy.

The history of this firm anchors in the story of the American Immigration experience. According to history, Otto Kolschowsky had a membership of the booming Americans who immigrated from German to Chicago, Illinois in the 20th Century. At the time, it was evident that descendants of German comprised of almost a quarter of the Chicago’s population. Chicago’s economy was driven by the fact that it was an industrial center as well as an immigrant entry at the time.

Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat retail shop in Chicago about two years after arriving at the city. He established the butcher shop with the aim of serving his community. Otto worked hard for about a decade and expanded his business into wholesale by the end of the First World War. The expansion of his business included moving his operations to another Chicago area called Maywood.

Southridge Capital: The World Leader in Managing Investments

Managing investment is without a doubt one of the most demanding niches in the world of finance. The main reason for this complexity is that unlike other financial niches, it requires constant updates with the trading world and better interpretation of trends. Southridge has however challenged this notion through its structures, management, advisory teams and their record of accomplishment. The company has not only managed assets exceptionally well for their clients but has also revived some companies back to the profit-making route. According to the CEO, Mr. Hicks, the aspiration of being a solution giver is what inspired him to start the company.



As a fast-growing company, Southridge Capital has grown into two main units, a financial solutions section, and business advisory unit. Each of these sections operates independently but in line with the company blueprint of being the solution provider in the financial world. According to the CEO, the units of this company represents the journey the company has been able to work from just a simple setup to now a national financial entity. It is through these structures that the company has been able to make huge financial steps such as directly making an investment in real estate. In addition, the company through these structures has been able to monitor assets worth billions of dollars around the globe.



Southridge Capital has one of the best management team. Apart from Stephen Hicks being the CEO, he was the founding principal of this company. He works with the advisory team, which is comprised of the best brains in the financial world. In the management, team, which is critical in the daily operation of the company, Hicks, works with Narine Persaud, Henry B. Sargent, and Linda Carlsen. Each of these professionals has a distinct portfolio based on their experience and educational background. For more details visit LinkedIn.



The company is always on the path to challenge the financial status quo. One of the recent development that the CEO is interested in is the introduction of cryptocurrencies. Although Stephen Hicks acknowledges that the new way of payment and investing is one of the most misunderstood concepts, the technology represents a new wave of possibilities.


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Ara Chackerian is Committed to Better Treatment for Humanity and Nature

There, are three words that define Ara Chackerian; entrepreneur, environmentalist, and humanitarian. ASC Capital Holdings the company where he serves as managing partner invests in healthcare startups. In SanFransico the city he calls home Ara has helped establish and or sits on the board of multiple healthcare companies. The services these companies offer includes training for ultrasound techs, automated requisition systems for private physicians, and diagnostics.


TMS Health Solutions is a company that Ara, his business partner, and Dr. Richard Bermudas established to make a method of treating depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) more readily available to patients. Ara Chackerian describes TMC as, “…the third pillar of psychiatry”. Prior to founding TMS Ara and his partner had established a string of radiological diagnostic centers. One of the philanthropic/environmental causes that Ara supports is Limonapa Teak. Based in Nicaragua Limonapa raises and harvests teak using methods that are ecologically beneficial. You can visit Medium to know more.



Ara Chackerian makes regular postings on the blog site Medium. One of his postings addressed the health care concerns of first world countries. Ara points out that in the US, increasing health care costs can be a burden for people across all economic strata especially the poor, those with chronic conditions, and minorities. Hispanics in the US are less likely to have health insurance than any other ethnic group. Nations that provide government-funded Universal Healthcare are worried about the sustainability of the model. For the time being, countries that provide free healthcare have sufficient funds to keep their healthcare systems running.


As medical science advances life expectancies also advance. Next year the average cost of health care for American families is projected to be 166% higher than it was nine years ago. In dollars and cents, that equals $30,083.00 per family annually. In citing the difference between the US healthcare system and Universal Healthcare Ara Chackerian points out that the wait time for treatment is shorter in the US providing you have health insurance. Still, the US spends a higher percentage (16) of its Gross Domestic Product on health care than nations with Universal Healthcare. While the outlook for healthcare in capitalist democracies may seem grim, first world nations are working diligently to refine their care delivery systems.



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Businessman Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a businessman and entrepreneur. He was born in 1958 in Montreal Canada. He had an interest of becoming a businessman when he grows up. He knew that the only way to become successful was through hard work and determination. From that early age, he started working hard toward achieving his goal. He joined the HEC Montreal business school where he attained his first degree in production management. When there is production management in an organization, that organization can produce the best quality goods as well as the right amount. In addition to this, production management allows organizations to create products or services at a faster speed and the lowest cost. All these qualities make an organization to realize maximum profits. Louis Chenevert wanted to be a significant player when it came to the success of the company he would work for and so he decided to pursue production management.

He first started working with General Motors at St. Therese, Quebec under Guy Hachey. Louis was working as the manager of Montreal’s General Motors assembly line. According to Hachey, Louis Chenevert was the best manager he ever had in the company. However, Louis left the company after staying for 14 years and joined Pratt & Whitney Canada which is a division of Pratt & Whitney (P&W) firm based in the United States. P&W is a business division of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). In 1996, the operations president for P&W was retiring, and the company chose Chenevert to take over the position. Chenevert was performing well with PWC, and this prompted the P&W to promote him to this role.

It was after three years that Chenevert became the president of P&W. During this time, the organization was not doing as well as expected. However, through his leadership as well as his dedication to experience new technology, Chenevert began improving the company’s revenues. He was able to achieve the same results he had accomplished while at PWC. At this time, so many organizations were going through a downturn, but Chenevert brought so many changes to the company that covered it from the losses other companies were experiencing.

Ara Chackerian Is A Managing Partner At ASC Capital Holdings

Ara Chackerian is a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings. He conducts investments in early-stage healthcare companies. Chackerian has had great success in his career as an investor, mainly within f the medical field. He formed his own company known as TMS Health Solution as a remedy for people who are suffering from resistant depression.


Ara Chackerian has been conducting business in the healthcare industry for quite some time as an investor. He has paid close attention to the inner workings of the arena. Ara picked up on several different trends that were looming while doing research for his new company. He eventually formed TMS Health Solutions as a method to deal with the issues he had discovered. There is always a tough dynamic between doctors and their patient’s insurance companies. Chackerien paid close attention to the limited insurance coverage policies that were in place and looked to bring the remedy. TMS Health Solutions is able to provide patients with the service from doctors that they expect.


TMS Health Solutions has provided thousands of people with service who suffer from resistant depression. Ara Chackerian has expanded his network of facilities with the intent of creating a new experience for patients. There are currently 7 facilities in the San Francisco and Sacramento area. Each of these clinics were carefully constructed and designed by a specialist named Josh Heitler. The idea was to give the patients a completely relaxed feeling when entering into clinic. Chackerian felt that this was important since they are treating people with psychological disorders. He intends to create the type of facilities that make patients feel as if they are not in a healthcare office.


Ara Chackerian attacks his day based on the priorities that are important to him. He does not worry himself with to-do lists. Ara is very active with philanthropic work. It is just as important to him as his for-profit businesses. Chackerian takes great care to surround himself with the right people. He does not allow his business decisions to cross into personal affairs. For more info you can checkout their twitter account.




Nick Vertucci’s 4 Keys To Success

In his new book, Seven Figure Decisions, Nick Vertucci teaches the 4 keys that have brought him success. His motto is “Have the balls to succeed,” and in this book Nick teaches you how to do just that.

Nick Vertucci is no stranger to success or failure. After the dot com crash in 2000, Nick lost everything. But in 2004 he bounced back by launching a successful real estate business and eventually starting his own real estate school; the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

In Seven Figure Decisions Nick shares how he was able to go from almost nothing to one of the most successful real estate investors in the country. The four keys to his success are simply:

1.) See it

2.) Believe it

3.) Map it

4.) Execute it

See It

Nick teaches his students how to visualize their end goal. By focusing on the details and giving the image of success life, Nick Vertucci teaches how to turn an abstract idea into reality.

Believe It

According to Nick, the brain is the most important muscle in the body. Not just for the sake of information, but mostly for the sake of confidence. That confidence gives his students the strength to succeed when most people fail. He teaches to not only believe in your vision, but to believe in yourself.

Map It

You can’t find treasure without a map, and you won’t find success without a plan. Once you have your goals and the confidence to success, Nick goes over the steps needed to make an effective action plan.

Execute It

Once you have the plan, then comes the moment to Act! Without the will to see it through, all you have in the end is a dream. Nick Vertucci helps his students take the first steps to launching their career and turning that dream into reality.

You can find Nick Vertucci’s newest book, Seven Figure Decisions on Amazon.

Talkspace One Stop Solution for Mental Health Disorders

The cases of depression have been on the rise in the recent times, and more and more people are reporting they are suffering from some issues with their mental health. As soon as you feel that there are problems with your mental health, consult with an expert and experienced therapist. Only a certified and licensed therapist would be able to address the issues you are facing. If you are uncomfortable going for an in-office session with a therapist, then you might want to consider going for online therapy at Talkspace. It is one of the most prominent names in the world of online treatment. There are tons of people who are switching their treatment needs to online therapy platform. It is much more cost-effective as well as flexible, which is what people are looking for these days.

Talkspace started in the year 2012 with the aim to help people who are facing any mental health problems to consult with the professional therapists without having to step outside their home. Talkspace provides its members with many different packages to choose from as per their requirements, and they are very affordable, which means that even people with a tight budget can also use Talkspace. Whether it is relationship issues or depression or anything else, rest assured that the therapists at Talkspace would be able to provide you with the comprehensive solution you are looking for.

Talkspace has grown massively since it was launched and it continues to be one of the most popular online domain for therapy. The packages are affordable, and the features are unique. More than a million members have already used the services of Talkspace and found the solution to their mental health issues. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to in-office therapy, then Talkspace is an ideal solution. It provides complete privacy to its members, and anything and everything you discuss with the therapist stays between you two. The confidentiality of the personal details of the members is the priority at Talkspace, and rest assured your privacy is in the safe hands with Talkspace. So, don’t wait anymore and get the professional help for your mental health disorders.