The successful career path of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is an expert in the oil and gas industry. Before the achievement of all the success, Matthew had to go through all the challenges that entrepreneurs go through. While at the Southern Methodist University, Fleeger gained all he knows now about marketing and finance. After graduating, he knew that he was poised to be successful in life. Fleeger’s father was his inspiration, he saw firsthand how his father worked extra hard to maintain his oil and gas company. Pushed by his ambition and enterprise Fleeger decided to venture into the oil and gas business making use of his knowledge.

For seven years, he was from one company to the other with the hopes that it would be of help in him obtaining experience. Because of his leadership skills, Fleeger did so well in the executive roles. At first, he got to work at the entry-level positions, but with time he got to rise the ranks. He got the needed reputation that different Texas-based companies requested for him to join the company. He decided that he would work at his family business Gulf Coast Western. At the company that’s when he decided to embark on his endeavor. It leads to him founding MedSolutions in 1993, a company that dealt with the management, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes.

He led the company to receive so many success. Over 14 years at the company he was the CEO, director, and president. In 2007, he was approached by Stericycle, and they had plans of acquiring the company. After a lengthy negotiation, Fleeger decided to sell the company for $59 million. He didn’t worry so much because a job at Gulf Coast Western was waiting for him. He was the best candidate for being the president at Gulf Coast Western a position up to date he still holds.

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