Rebel Wilson Brings the Belly Laughs in Isn’t It Romantic

Rebel Wilson has everything that it takes to be charming, hilarious, and good looking. Her roles throughout the years, both on stage and on the big screen have captured the adoration and attention of fans throughout the globe.

Rebel has a way to invigorate life into whatever production she finds herself a part in, whether that is a drama she wrote for stage or her latest big-time Hollywood film Isn’t It Romantic.

Isn’t It Romantic isn’t your average romantic comedy film nor should it be viewed as such. Rebel plays the role of Natalie, an architect from Australia who now finds herself living in New York City. Natalie isn’t too keen on the idea of romantic comedies.

She has long held these beliefs ever since she was discouraged by her mother while she was a child living in Australia. Natalie’s notion that romantic comedies are all fantasy and set to a pop song has encouraged her to a bit conservative in finding new people to mingle with.

She isn’t completely turned off to the idea of falling in love, but doesn’t trust that the ideas set forth through romantic comedies are true for real life love.

At the cheering on of one of her friends, Natalie steps out of her comfort zone and gets out more. While traveling on the New York subway systems, she runs into a potential date who turns out to be a vagrant trying to rob her. Natalie is able to fight off the attacker before running into a pole and being knocked unconscious while fleeing.  Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

She finds herself in an alternative universe upon waking up. Everything is like it is out of a shiny PG-13 movie where the ideas and outcomes are straight out of a cheesy romantic comedy. Natalie is eager to break out of her new and limited universe and aims to find her true love to take her back to reality and beat the cliches of this new romantic comedy universe.

Alongside Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, and many talented others, Rebel Wilson captures the audience with her bold and brave energy in Isn’t It Romantic. It is worth seeing even for the novice fan of romantic comedy pictures.

Like Natalie in Isn’t It Romantic, Rebel Wilson came to the United States from Australia. Born in 1980 in Sydney, Rebel was a shy girl as a child who continued to blossom into who she is today.

Through successes in her native country, Wilson took her talents to America and moved to West Hollywood, California in 2010. She hasn’t looked back and has been featured in major films like Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. Rebel continues her fire in Isn’t It Romantic, set to hit theaters on February 13 in the US.

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