The efforts that James Dondero put to support the people of Dallas

The career path of James Dondero, he has never experienced a typical day. Through his work of being an entrepreneur and philanthropist, his days are filled with activities and practices that are set towards assisting the people of Dallas. One of the recent thing that James did was offering the Dallas Zoo a large sum of money. In 2001, there was the elimination of the hippo at the Dallas Zoo, because one of their old hippos died that was named Papa. The management at the Dallas zoo decided that they were not going to keep hippos anymore. The people of Dallas were not happy with the decision made by the administration. However, that didn’t stop the management from closing the hippo area for almost two decades. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

The people of Dallas had written and called the zoo so that they would return the hippos. They wanted the zoo to rebuild the habitat so must kids would enjoy watching the hippos. After years they are ready to listen to the resident, and they decided to rebuild back the hippo habitat. The problem was the funds required to restore the hippo outcast. The funds that were needed were $154 million. After the outcast hippo were rebuilt people begun to flock the zoo so that they would see them in action.


Mr. James Dondero was among the many people who donated to the zoo, James contributed 1 million dollar so that he would be of help to the people of Dallas. He wanted the people of Dallas and their families to have a place that they would see the hippos. To show how much the zoo was grateful they named a section of the zoo after Highland Capital Management, James Dondero. Because of how generous James is now many people can go to the zoo to have private events. There is one passion that James Dondero has had, and that is he will be able to use his money to help and improve the lives of people in Dallas. James financial commitment has given him the power to provide assistance when Dallas community needed. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

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