Malcolm Casselle: Popularizing the Blockchain

Malcolm Casselle has been a successful venture capitalist as well as a successful entrepreneur over the course of his career. He was an early stage investor in both Facebook and Zynga as well as several bitcoin-related companies. He has also served as the chief investment officer of OPSkins the leader around the world of in-game virtual asset sales and the world’s number one bitcoin merchant.

Prior to entering the workforce, Malcolm Casselle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor’s degree in computer science before attending Stanford University for graduate school. At Stanford University Malcolm Casselle with able to graduate with a Masters degree in computer science. He has utilized these skills in order to serve as an instrumental part of several companies over the last several years.

The most recent notable success of Malcolm Casselle was the raising of $100 million worth of capital for his new company worldwide asset exchange. Worldwide asset exchange is a corporation that promises to create a decentralized marketplace to facilitate virtual asset transactions. Malcolm Casselle believes that the use of blockchain technology as well as smart contract technology will help to revolutionize the entire industry.

Malcolm Casselle states that the worldwide asset exchange will help to unite a fragmented industry by using the delegated proof of stake algorithm at the core of its blockchain. This is in contrast to the more commonly used proof of work algorithm that is significantly more energy intensive. The company will utilize wax tokens as a store of value for the acquisition of in-game items. Users will be able to conduct business between themselves by exchanging wax tokens.

Malcolm Casselle is incredibly confident that the platform will help to ignite the world of cryptocurrency. The utilization of blockchain based technology to facilitate transactions between users around the world will help to change the way that the public perceives blockchain technology. It will help to popularize the concept of blockchain technology as a way to help facilitate transactions in a more secure and efficient manner.

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