Women Empowerment with Susan McGalla

Equality is something that has been discussed for a long time. Many positions have been set aside for the male professionals. Being a woman in a male-dominated field has not been easy for women who have dared to try the positions. Besides, when seeking the positions, the odds of being offered the higher ranks have always been inclined to the male individuals.

Well, it is lame judging individuals based on their gender, right? However, it has not stopped many leaders from using it as a basis of delegating duties. Susan McGalla is among the women who have held their heads high to prove that women have the ability to give required results regardless of their gender.

Susan McGalla has acquired all the positions she has acquired through hard work and diligence. Her breakthrough came when she was nominated to participate in the American Eagle Outfitters which is mainly dominated by men. This did not stop her from sharing her ideas and making her the best President of the organization.

Susan McGalla later resigned from the position and started her P3 Executive Consulting business which took her women empowerment to another level. Her confidence has given her a chance to enjoy great success making her the envy of many women. Her gender did not stop her from being heard and respected in her field.

Susan McGalla has encouraged many women to focus on their careers and go for what they want. She is recognized as a source of motivation and inspiration to her fellow women in her area. Although the chart of women embracing leadership is taking so long to rise, there is a slight improvement in the sector.

Final Verdict

The question of whether women can handle big responsibilities has been on the headlines for a while. Thanks to confident women like Susan McGalla, the fight is finally bearing fruits. It is the high time women step up and go for what they want.


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