OSI Group

OSI Group established its first family meat outlet in the year 1909 in Chicago. Since then, OSI Group has remained steadfast on dedicating its operations to ensure customer’s success.

Consequently, most of the world’s biggest brands have been regarding the firm as their premier food provider. Those brands have been trusting OSI Group Limited to be delivering to their processing and product needs. OSI Company is always at the forefront of the firms that optimize costs while offering quality services, value and streamline processes.

OSI has a long history that dates back to over 100 years of operations. Its history is rich in superior customer relations, recognition of growth opportunities, and technological innovations. It is this exciting history that allowed the enterprise to grow from a locally managed meat processor to becoming one of the leading international meat and food processing enterprises.

Today, OSI Group provides food solutions to countless clients around the globe, and it continues to attain more and more customers each day. It also has been ensuring proper utilization of technological advancements that bring along some new techniques of making food production and processing a fast and reliable task.

Presently, OSI Group boasts of over 20,000 employees who provide services in its 65 premises that are located in over 17 different countries throughout the world. The rise and growth of OSI have become a thing of pride to the American history especially in the economic growth of the 20th century. OSI is an example of a developer of the still-evolving history of the contemporary and globalized economy.

The history of this firm anchors in the story of the American Immigration experience. According to history, Otto Kolschowsky had a membership of the booming Americans who immigrated from German to Chicago, Illinois in the 20th Century. At the time, it was evident that descendants of German comprised of almost a quarter of the Chicago’s population. Chicago’s economy was driven by the fact that it was an industrial center as well as an immigrant entry at the time.

Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat retail shop in Chicago about two years after arriving at the city. He established the butcher shop with the aim of serving his community. Otto worked hard for about a decade and expanded his business into wholesale by the end of the First World War. The expansion of his business included moving his operations to another Chicago area called Maywood.

Southridge Capital: The World Leader in Managing Investments

Managing investment is without a doubt one of the most demanding niches in the world of finance. The main reason for this complexity is that unlike other financial niches, it requires constant updates with the trading world and better interpretation of trends. Southridge has however challenged this notion through its structures, management, advisory teams and their record of accomplishment. The company has not only managed assets exceptionally well for their clients but has also revived some companies back to the profit-making route. According to the CEO, Mr. Hicks, the aspiration of being a solution giver is what inspired him to start the company.



As a fast-growing company, Southridge Capital has grown into two main units, a financial solutions section, and business advisory unit. Each of these sections operates independently but in line with the company blueprint of being the solution provider in the financial world. According to the CEO, the units of this company represents the journey the company has been able to work from just a simple setup to now a national financial entity. It is through these structures that the company has been able to make huge financial steps such as directly making an investment in real estate. In addition, the company through these structures has been able to monitor assets worth billions of dollars around the globe.



Southridge Capital has one of the best management team. Apart from Stephen Hicks being the CEO, he was the founding principal of this company. He works with the advisory team, which is comprised of the best brains in the financial world. In the management, team, which is critical in the daily operation of the company, Hicks, works with Narine Persaud, Henry B. Sargent, and Linda Carlsen. Each of these professionals has a distinct portfolio based on their experience and educational background. For more details visit LinkedIn.



The company is always on the path to challenge the financial status quo. One of the recent development that the CEO is interested in is the introduction of cryptocurrencies. Although Stephen Hicks acknowledges that the new way of payment and investing is one of the most misunderstood concepts, the technology represents a new wave of possibilities.


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