Ara Chackerian is Committed to Better Treatment for Humanity and Nature

There, are three words that define Ara Chackerian; entrepreneur, environmentalist, and humanitarian. ASC Capital Holdings the company where he serves as managing partner invests in healthcare startups. In SanFransico the city he calls home Ara has helped establish and or sits on the board of multiple healthcare companies. The services these companies offer includes training for ultrasound techs, automated requisition systems for private physicians, and diagnostics.


TMS Health Solutions is a company that Ara, his business partner, and Dr. Richard Bermudas established to make a method of treating depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) more readily available to patients. Ara Chackerian describes TMC as, “…the third pillar of psychiatry”. Prior to founding TMS Ara and his partner had established a string of radiological diagnostic centers. One of the philanthropic/environmental causes that Ara supports is Limonapa Teak. Based in Nicaragua Limonapa raises and harvests teak using methods that are ecologically beneficial. You can visit Medium to know more.



Ara Chackerian makes regular postings on the blog site Medium. One of his postings addressed the health care concerns of first world countries. Ara points out that in the US, increasing health care costs can be a burden for people across all economic strata especially the poor, those with chronic conditions, and minorities. Hispanics in the US are less likely to have health insurance than any other ethnic group. Nations that provide government-funded Universal Healthcare are worried about the sustainability of the model. For the time being, countries that provide free healthcare have sufficient funds to keep their healthcare systems running.


As medical science advances life expectancies also advance. Next year the average cost of health care for American families is projected to be 166% higher than it was nine years ago. In dollars and cents, that equals $30,083.00 per family annually. In citing the difference between the US healthcare system and Universal Healthcare Ara Chackerian points out that the wait time for treatment is shorter in the US providing you have health insurance. Still, the US spends a higher percentage (16) of its Gross Domestic Product on health care than nations with Universal Healthcare. While the outlook for healthcare in capitalist democracies may seem grim, first world nations are working diligently to refine their care delivery systems.



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