Peter Briger finds success in his career

Peter Briger is known in many parts of the world for his success in finance. After he completed his high school education, he followed his passion and went to study Bachelor in Administration. He attended Princeton University which is a recognized institution around the globe. Later he went to study business at the Wharton School. After he finished his education, he was ready to launch his career. He joined Goldman Sachs, and here he would grow his skills and become an expert in the field. Peter Briger served the organization with diligence and later promoted. They saw he was determined and would enable the company to achieve success.

Peter Briger moves to Fortress

In 2002 he had acquired a lot of knowledge in the field and got a chance to work with Fortress Investment Company. The organization is known for making profits for its clients around the world. Fortress Investment began in 1998 and is a company that provides services to its customers when it comes to management of assets. The primary goal of the firm is to provide its customers with services on financial investment that they can benefit from a long term. Fortress Investment Group is based in New York, but it has affiliate offices around the world. With its success, it has created employment opportunities for many individuals. Peter Briger manages credits, and he is also involved in the real estate sector.

Other positions

Briger has been trusted because of his outstanding performance. He is the chairman of the Fortress Investment Board. He has ensured the smooth running of the company since he joined it in 2002. He also serves in the Council of relations as a member. In this council, they make critical decisions on matters international. Briger is not only an entrepreneur, but he is also committed to philanthropic endeavors. He is in the committee that ensures funding of Princeton University. He works hard to ensure there is a strong connection between various organizations of the world. Peter Briger has been among the best people the company and continues to offer the best services through him. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

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