Fagali: A Polynesian Dream

Arriving at the Fagali airport near the town of Fagali you would be surprised such a small village would be your gateway to a Polynesian experience. A short drive from the airport has you experiencing the Polynesian Cultural Village. A chance to see the Samoan way of life, from a guided tour to learning how to use your hands to craft plates while the natives sing traditional songs or prepare traditional delicacies. Sure to be a highlight of your journey.

For the more adventurous spectator, you will have the chance to take in a Fiafa Night, a traditional celebration with the Samoan natives dancing with fire organized by Tanoa Tusitala Hotel. A true sight to behold as you watch young and old, man and woman dance with fire in contrasting yet captivating styles, truly amazing experience for the entire family.

Prefer a more active vacation? Fagali has you covered there as well with a chance to go diving in the shimmering waters on the coast of the charming village. Giving you a chance to see various kinds of fish, turtles, and corals with expert supervision and guidance.

For the more historically inclined, you are able to visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum which is a homage to the author who took his last breath on the island. Passionate staff will guide your way and share the history of the beautiful homestead and the story of the author and his last days with the visit including a chance to climb to see the grave of the great author.

On your way back to the Fagali airport make sure to stop by Janet’s less than a couple of kilometers away from the airport to take home a souvenir or two as trinkets to remember the journey as well as some gifts for the family members back home.

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