IC System Setting the Standard in its Line of Work

IC System is a leading service provider for more than 80 years and works in account receiving started up by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938. The IC System operates based on providing ethical and honest services to their clients.


After it was established in 1938, the IC System was passed down through three generations, and the corporation remained under the ownership of the Erickson family. The headquarters are still where they were first established al those decades ago in St. Paul, Minnesota. Over the decades, the IC System has been growing in its line of work and is now at the forefront of account collections. The business has also been the first to take different steps forward in its industry.


In 1968, the IC System was the first in its industry to replace the typewriter with a computer. Since then, the business has been maintaining its tech advancement and upgrading its tools on a regular basis to keep up with the highest quality of products to make sure they can provide the most beneficial services to their client base. The corporation of IC System is firmly focused on security and protecting the data of their clients.


The corporation has strong core values and encourages their clients to utilize practices that are ethical and consumer-friendly. The IC System prides itself on innovation and integrity, as well as treating people with dignity. The business has the objective of delivering reliable services in receivables management to original creditors, thus becoming the most trusted provider in their line of work.


The IC System puts their money where their mouth is and supports a variety of charities. The business has an in-house charity committee called Employee Charitable Help Organization or ECHO. The charity committee has been in action since 1981 and includes the employees of the company that are dedicated to helping the community. Some of the charities and organizations that the Employee Charitable Help Organization supports include the American Red Cross, Toys for Tots, Relay for Life, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the American Cancer Society, and the White Bear Lake Food Shelf, to name a few.


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