Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal Complete New Project

Shaquille O’Neal is a popular personality in the American sport industry. Shaquille is a former NBA star who has brought his country a lot of fame because of numerous accomplishments. The young investor and his family love their hometown, and they always take time to tour the city and look at the progress. Shaquille was brought up by his mother who was passionate about developing their town and making it the best. One day, when the star was walking around the region with his mother, they had a conversation that changed his life completely. According to Shaquille’s mother, the city was once very beautiful in the past. With time, however, the buildings started getting old, and no one was ready to invest in making everything beautiful once again. As the mother and son were speaking, Shaquille realized that he was the best person to initiate the change everyone wanted to see.


After the conversation, Shaquille was more than ready to start making his mark in the once beautiful city. The businessman has been working hard to complete a complex that has been called Shaq Tower. This apartment complex has all the feature the modern investor has been looking for. This will be one of the best projects for the region that has been completed for the last fifty years. When speaking during the recent topping off of the building, the star made it clear that he wanted his city to remain more beautiful than he found it when he was born many years ago. You can search on yahoo to see more.


Completing the new project was not a walk in the park. The star had to look for a reliable real estate company that had all the expert services to give the consumers the project they needed. The Boraie Development is the force that has brought the changes everyone can see. Boraie Development is not new in the American market. This institution was brought to the market several years ago by its founder, Omar Boraie. After traveling to many parts of the globe due to the nature of his work, this businessman noted that most of the buildings in his city could not match the standard in other parts of the world. Sam felt that he was going to bring the changes home, and this is why he started his successful real estate company. When Boraie Development was starting, very many people did not know that it had a bright future. Sam has played a paramount role in making the real estate company achieve its goals. You can visit for more details.




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