Whitney Wolfe Encourages Men And Women To Use The App For A Good Time As Long As It Is Consensual

Whitney Wolfe has gone on plenty of interviews about her Bumble app and has answered plenty of questions. One thing about being interviewed is that people are going to be given all types of questions. Some of these questions may be boring. Then there are some that are rather uncomfortable. Then there are the interviews that are humorous. Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to these interviews. However, there was one question that she was asked that was very interesting. She was asked about the concern that online dating has become sexualized. Her answer was a reasonable answer to this question.

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One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done was compare online dating to being at a bar. She notes how none of the bars say that if one is not there to hook up they should not bother. Therefore, she sees online dating, including her dating app in the same light. She wants people to feel free to meet each other for any activity that they want. After all, Whitney Wolfe wants people to be able to enjoy themselves and not be denied any of their desires according to time.com. This is one of the reasons that she has set up Bumble the way she did. She wants more people to have success at dating.

Founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe also goes into other factors that deal with what people see. One thing that Whitney has been told is that some of the people on the dating app are extremely attractive. Whitney has made it clear that there is no trickery involved. People are visible according to how active they are. There are a bunch of other metrics involved in the dating app that influence who is seen. One thing that can be said about dating apps and other online platforms where people meet and interact is that those that master the factors involved are going to have the greatest success.

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