Jose Hawilla Points Out The Necessity of Networking

Starting out by yourself and succeeding isn’t doubtful among entrepreneurial circles, however if you’re looking to accelerate your success, taking cues from peers can move you along much faster, explains 30+-year veteran, Jose Hawilla. When you’re starting out, networking can offer additional opportunities, especially for smaller enterprises. You can visit his page.

Find a way to share your journey. Join business peer groups, or associations to learn from your associates. The goal here is growth, and by sharing your wins and failures, you help others, not to mention, learning lessons from like-minded groups can help you push the needle. But Jose Hawilla is finding networking is still an incredible untapped resource of power.

Consider these two reasons to network;

  1. Familiarity

Connecting with a body of individuals who are experiencing some of the same situations is extremely encouraging for new entrepreneurs. When confronted with different perceptions, you get new outlooks and perhaps, resolutions to these challenges.

  1. The Essence of Entrepreneurship

You’ll find companies in various maturity zones during their business lifecycle. This can be a motivating factor for newbies, just starting out. When you see a cultivated, blossoming business, who has made it past their second or third year, and successfuly secured a few projects,it encourages you to keep pushing forward.

If you want to be successful and grow, you need to connect with like-minded peers. Havilla says to remember, every meeting is an opportunity and gateway to success.

A Seasoned Business Executive

Jose Havilla, born in Brazil, began his 10-year career working as a sports reporter covering events such as the Olympic Games, and Formula One. Havilla recognized the opportunities in Brazil, and in 1980, along with three partners, Havilla founded The Traffic Group, an international sports marketing firm. He built the conglomerate into the largest multinational sporting company in the country. Networking provided valuable opportunities and Havilla’s company secured one of the biggest sponsorship contracts with Nike.

Among his impressive accomplishments include purchasing Diário de São Paulo newspaper in 2009, which he sold in 2013. Today, Havilla owns a portfolio of newspapers, including Good Morning Rio Preto, and Bom Dia Jundiaí. The influential business executive lives in Palmeiras with his wife and three children where he continues to build his brand.

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