Stream Energy Takes on Coal With Renewables

Coal has played a large role in power generation since the Industrial Revolution. Although coal used to contribute to over half of all energy production, coal has recently seen a decline and currently generates just a third of the United States’ power. As a result of this decline, numerous coal producers and power plants have declared bankruptcy. Learn more about Stream Energy at

One factor hastening the demise of traditional coal power generation is government regulation. More than a third of coal is mined on public land, but the government has not granted new leases since 2016. In order to mitigate the rate and effects of climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency has taken steps to reduce carbon emissions from power plants. More than three fourths of carbon emissions from power plants are a result of coal power generation, meaning that these new regulations could severely impact the coal power industry.

One way that the coal industry is trying to maintain its position is through carbon capture and storage technology, which reduces or prevents carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Even with new technology that mitigates the impact of coal power generation, other energy sources are taking the lead. Natural gas is a combustible fuel that can be used for power generation and causes fewer emissions than coal. Renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind power, offer power generation without direct carbon emissions. In 2016, renewable energy increased to 7% of the total power generated in the United States. Read more about Stream Energy at

In addition to changing energy sources, the power generation and consumption market is also changing on the consumer side. Some companies, such as Stream Energy, provide customers with more choices through direct selling. Founded in 2005, Dallas based Stream Energy has used its innovative approach to expand rapidly and now serves customers in over half a dozen states. Last year, Stream Energy was highlighted as one of the most trusted retail electric providers. Although coal may be in decline in order to protect our climate and our health, Stream Energy will continue to provide energy solutions to its customers through natural gas, wind and solar power.


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