Jeff Yastine Recommends Three Challengers to Amazon

Jeff Yastine recently broke down a few major corporations that, due to possible acquisition in the future, may be able to challenge Amazon regarding its retail department, as well as boost investors’ portfolios’ by a significant margin. In December of 2017, the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing, spoke about the upcoming trend of mergers and acquisitions due to occur in 2018, highlighting the process as a lucrative opportunity for savvy investors looking to improve their portfolios. This strategy proved to be fruitful for investors holding Embraer stock, as there were talks of a merger between the Brazilian aircraft powerhouse and Boeing, which caused its stock to rise close to one-third. Read more at

His first recommendation is the grocery store chain, Kroger, as its stock recently fell by one-third, due to the fact that shareholders were concerned over the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon. In his expert opinion, Kroger has made the necessary moves to take on the electronic commerce giant, as well as the fact that, since it acquired Whole Foods, prices have only dropped a little, while the quality of its products has noticeably declined. Kroger, in turn, has 3,000 stores nationwide, and with the incoming addition of automated checkout systems, overhead expenses will be able to compete with Amazon.

Jeff Yastine has also recommended eBay as a stock to invest in as it currently ranks as one of the top online retailers in existence and also has the warehouses to provide order fulfillment services. In his opinion, eBay is already on par to compete with Amazon regarding a few parts of the retail sector, but the retailer could become a more formidable adversary if it is purchased by another top company. Google is a possible candidate for purchase, as it would be in prime position to take on Amazon with the addition of eBay, which would also be beneficial for the retailer as it would bring about free advertising for the company through the Google search engine.

Jeff Yastine also recommends buying stock in W.W. Grainger, as its stock price recently fell, over worry about its ability to compete with Amazon. In his opinion, it is the firm’s infrastructure that sets it apart, making it a lucrative option for potential buyers. Grainger currently has its own storage and distribution facilities throughout the country, which could be a major plus for a number of companies if they were to acquire its assets.

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