Omar Boraie Leads the Way to Greatness

I have heard many people say that the 1% only look at taking care of themselves. I would counter that by saying they clearly do not know Omar Boraie or the things he has done save the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Omar Boraie is the founder of the real estate company Boraie Development. However, to the city of New Brunswick, he is more than just a corporate leader, he is a tender father to looks after the city as if it was his firstborn son.

Omar Boraie always wanted to lead the city of New Brunswick to greatness. This vision came to him during his time traveling across Europe and seeing the many strong economic cities that wonderful continent had. He knew that New Brunswick could also become influential and has dedicated his time and resources to make that happen.

Omar Boraie developed four pillars that would lead to a successful city. The first pillar was a strong community for the family. The second pillar was jobs in the area. The third pillar was a coalition of mighty forces that would work together to make the city great. The fourth pillar was a strong middle-class made up of young professionals.

Omar Boraie has done many things to make New Brunswick a strong committee for families. One thing that he has done is develop a summer of free movies that allows different families in the community to get to know one another. He understands that families must interact with other families in order for a community spirit to be born.

Omar Boraie also got to work to secure jobs in the area. He both wanted to keep current jobs in New Brunswick and also bring new jobs in. He secured jobs in the area by cutting a deal with Johnson and Johnson and convinced them to stay. Once Johnson and Johnson openly declared their intentions to stay, other corporations began building factories in New Brunswick. Check out their website

Omar Boraie was the leader of the coalition formed between the Mayor of the city, the President of Rutgers University, and the editors of many newspapers. They made it their priority to make New Brunswick flourish.

Omar Boraie sealed the deal by building the fourth pillar and making a strong middle-class. He sold higher cost real estate at medium prices so that upstart professionals could begin their practice in the city of New Brunswick. You can visit

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