The Success Path of Ted Bauman in his Career

     Ted Bauman is a renowned editor who features in several publications across the United States and South Africa. He spent his childhood days on the eastern shore of Maryland before relocating Africa to pursue his passion for economics. The editor was privileged to attend the University of Cape Town where Bauman acquired his campus education. He prides himself on holding doctoral degrees in economics and history that he received from the institution. Mr. Ted used his academic credentials to secure various jobs in the corporate world. The editor currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Bauman spent more than twenty-five years in South Africa working with several non-profit organizations. He rose through the ranks while working as a fund manager for projects that involved the construction of houses for low-income earners. Ted Bauman is a co-founder of the Slum Dwellers International, which he established during the twenty-five years he spent in South Africa. The organization has grown over the years and stretched out to over thirty nations. Since its establishment, tens of thousands individuals have been supported through donations and other charitable activities.

Ted Bauman previously offered consultancy for non-profit organizations before relocating to the United States. He was the sole advisor of the World Bank, the South African Government, the United Nations and several other European agencies that provide grants. Upon his arrival in the U.S in 2008, he got an employment opportunity at Habitat for Humanity International. Ted had duties and responsibilities of overseeing all global housing programs of the firm. After serving the NGO for five years, Bauman resigned to pursue his passion as a researcher and author. Ted Bauman visited over seventy nations across the universe while continuing with his career. Continents that he has traveled to include Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

Bauman uses his journals to empower his subscribers by providing information that helps them in acquiring wealth in the corporate world. His publications are frequently produced by Banyan Hill Publishing where contributes as an executive editor. The Sovereign Investor Daily has a segment that features his articles daily. Books that he previously wrote include Journal of Microfinance, Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization, and new Internationalist among others. He recently wrote an article that focused on bitcoin. Bauman pointed out that the cryptocurrency has a decentralized system methodology but does not allow people to transact, which makes it unstable. Ted describes bitcoin as money earned for doing nothing, viewing it as a scam.

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