Securus Technologies Assisting on Cleaning Up Our Jail

If you wanted to know what the most dangerous job was in the country, try being a corrections officer in a very crowded prison. Not only do I have to come face-to-face with the most dangerous people in the world who want to hurt me any chance they can, add into the mix they get more violent when they are on drugs. Any time an inmate is able to access drugs in the jail, things quickly escalate from dangerous to deadly.


To try and maintain some degree of order inside the jail, me and my fellow officers are always working hard to keep all drugs out of the jail. To the surprise of many, these inmates say that they can score drugs of all sorts more easily from inside the jail than when they were on the street. That reflects poorly on me and my fellow officers, and we will make use of any resource available to us to keep the drugs on the outside.


Securus Technologies has their inmate telephone monitoring system inside our prison, and it is one of the keys to making our facility safe. The company is headed by their CEO, Richard Smith, and he says that all of his employees are dedicated to making the world a little safer. We have seen incredible results since making use of the LBS software, and our jail is safer as a result.


If an inmate is on the phone trying to convince someone to sneak drugs to the guest center, we act. If inmates are sharing experiences of drug use with other inmates, we act. If inmates slip and talk about where they hide drugs in the jail or in their cells, we act. Our entire prison population is that much safer each time we eliminate a threat of drug use.


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