How To Become A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

     The Traveling Vineyard is a unique site that has opened the doors for many people to making additional incomes that have now changed their lives. Being a Traveling Vineyard wine guide is a very rewarding career that can allow you to have flexible hours while making good money doing what you love. The way to becoming a wine guide is actually very simple.

First, you will begin your journey being assigned to a specific leader in your region. This leader is the person you will go to whenever you have any questions on becoming a wine guide. This leader will help get you ready and provide you with any advice you may need so you can succeed. Your leader is going to be the one there throughout your time as you become a wine guide.

The most important part is next up, and it simply involves visiting the online training center. The Tasting Room is the name of the line sector for where you can find all the instant and ongoing training modules that they have ready for you. Things like introductions to all of their wines, how to build a team, and even videos on conducting your very own wine tasting event. Their training is very in-depth, and all it takes is a leap of faith to just jump right in. You can do that by simply joining the website right now and applying to become a wine guide. They have wonderful people on their support team who can help get you going in the right direction. This is a company that provides a great amount direction so you know what you are doing and what your goals are.

Traveling Vineyard is not easy to do unless you are willing to put in the world, and there are a ton of people who have at one point been in your shoes and are now huge successes. It’s all about getting started on the right foot and learning from their amazing team today.

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The Reemergence of George Soros in American Politics and His Philanthropic Missions

One of the billionaires from around the world who has spent most of his resources and time in supporting philanthropic organizations and liberal political causes is known as George Soros. The work he does is meant to establish transparency and better democratic principles in governance. Another issue that touches his heart is the need to create better living standards and civilization all over the world. For a long time to date, he has been engaged in the political activities in the US. In 2004 he funded political activities and lobby groups who were fighting to prevent the former President Bush from ascending to power. He has also contested the Presidential seat.

For a brief period, George Soros had faded from active participation in American Politics, although he continued working away from the public limelight. However, in 2016 he reemerged from his quite operations and took center stage of political causes again. He was primarily supporting the Democratic presidential ticket holder, Hilary Clinton who is also a long-time close ally and friend. To give the candidature of Clinton more strength, he donated $25 million, and part of the money also went into helping other favorite Democratic candidates whom he wished to see elected. Long before the political campaigns began, many Americans were hopeful the support from George Soros would make Hillary Clinton win the presidential race, and that is why his comeback in 2016 was quite remarkable. Read his profile at Washington Times.

In his support for Hillary, he contributed to the activities of groups such as American Bridge 21st Century, the Priorities USA Action, the Senate Majority PAC, the Voting Rights Trust, the Planned Parenthood Votes and America Votes. Another thing that makes Soros stands out as a Democratic reformer and philanthropic is the work he does through the Open Society Foundation. He has so far contributed more than $33 billion to support various social and political causes. Several groups gladly helped him when he ignited the Ferguson protest movement, and importantly all the groups that were involved in the protest were nonprofits. His involvement in the protest made the authorities to take notice, and they acted immediately.

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George Soros initially live in Budapest in Eastern Europe. He was brought up during the Nazi occupation which caused a lot of suffering to many people. They did not allow the evil forces to dominate them, so they fought back and immigrated. He came to London, and by doing odd jobs in hotels, bars and as a railway porter he was able to raise enough money to pay for his tuition at the London School of Economic. After completing his studies, he started working for several merchants bank. This made him interested in financial investment. George Soros began trading in stocks and shares, and before long he was able to establish his hedge fund. After being in London for a while, he moved to the USA and set up operations on Wall Street. He founded the Soros Fund which prospered and was later renamed the Quantum Fund. Today he is 85 years old and still involved in many humanitarian missions in the world. Learn more about his profile at

Julia Jackson- A Life With Wine

Known for their excellence in wine and vineyards, Jackson Family Wines have been making a name for themselves for quite some time. The family-owned and operated company has wineries across the world from Italy to Australia. Members of the family work across the globe including Julia Jackson. A native of San Francisco, Julia Jackson has always had an interest in wine. She has worked with the family’s sales team for years , helping to sharing their wines to enthusiasts across the globe.

Julia Jackson is the daughter of Jess Jackson, founder of the Jackson Family Wines.

Taking a unique approach in the industry, Julia currently serves as the spokesperson for Cambria Estates. Jackson is quite qualified for her current position as she holds a very impressive education resume. She graduated from Scripps College, and also studied at Stanford Summer Institute of General Management. Julia believes her dad is largely responsible for her passion for wine. She often recalls picking and sorting grapes in 100 degree weather. Her dad made taught her the importance of hard work and made her what it takes to be successful. She never forgot these values. This is quite evident from her current work. Today Julia has a nonprofit organization called Seeds of Empowerment. Seeds of Empowerment celebrates inspirational women leaders in the community and worldwide. The groups looks to empower through education. Jackson is committed to supporting the local community.

Julia Jackson truly has an eye for the best in wine. Her company recently started the company’s front runner Sonoma County wine. Julia however understands Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are not the best wine for the place. That title belongs to Cabernet. The company’s mission to is to make Sonoma a more popular place for wine enthusiast. In Somona wine called Acaibo from Trinite Estate Winery is currently growing in popularity also.

Julia Jackson has taken her father’s business to the next level. She continues to have passion and an excellent work ethic, traits she learned from father. She continues to work to take his business to the higher ground. Read more on Los Angeles Confidential.

Toronto-based Cameron Clokie Pioneers Regenerative Tissue Development Therapy

A sexagenarian is expected to have a wrinkled face, but this is not the case for Peter Russel, a dedicated farmer who is also a golf hobbyist. Unlike other men of his generation, Peter still has a defined, chiseled jawline characterized with young people.

Even more fascinating, Peter grew the jowl himself about two years ago. It may sound inconceivable, but Peter’s jaw bone has regenerated, increasing by seven centimeters to restore a tissue removed as a result of the presence of a benign tumor.

Peter had the honor of being one of the pioneering clients to receive the trailblazing bone regeneration procedure. This discovery is projected to transform the reconstructive surgery landscape within the next few years. The program is directed by Cameron Clokie, head of the oral surgery department at the University of Toronto.

It entails the use of proteins to stimulate the adult stem cells to produce bone tissues. This procedure was inspired by the bone formation process in newborns and has since been engineered to regenerate jawbones.

Expounding on the subject, Cameron said that it borrows from the embryonic stage of bone formation. He added the results were spectacular, with the regenerated jawbones integrating seamlessly due to being identical.

As of now, the therapy is performed at the Toronto General Hospital as well as Mount Sinai Hospital. Though still in early stages, it has opened up a world of new possibilities, particularly on the subject of regenerative tissue development, which was hitherto implausible.

The procedures that are currently in use are painful and intolerable, as they involve the removal of grafts from one body part and implanting them on the affected part.

As expected of any new therapy, the tissue regeneration remedy has been met with some challenging cases. Not all patients have responded promptly to the procedure, with some cases taking longer than usual to heal. This, however, has not distracted the experts, as they continue to search for ways to better the medication.

Perhaps the most overwhelming challenge is the cost of the operation. The morphogenetic protein, which is fundamental to induce regeneration, costs well over $6,000. To make matter worse, the cost is not covered by insurance. Despite these obstacles, patients are embracing the technology as it is way better than the traditional methods.

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Arthur Becker And His Real Estate Ventures

Arthur Becker has many real estate ventures in New York City that he has started after his long career in tech investment, and he is helping the city grow into a new entity. he knows that he may give back to the city quite a lot because of the investments he makes, and each of these investments is quite interesting because of how they were made. This article from Huffington Post explains how the investments Arthur has made will change the city and the way people live.

#1: Two Major Projects

There are two major projects that Arthur is involved in. He has traded for some beautiful townhomes in Soho, and he is working on a warehouse project in the city that will house may luxury condos. He has invested in these two buildings will because they will sell for quite a lot of money. The money he makes may be invested in other projects, and he will continue to grow the modern lifestyle of the city.

#2: Young People Moving In

Arthur wants to appeal to the young people moving into the city, and he is building developments that will appeal to the modern worker. Someone who has been given the finest place to live will enjoy their lifestyle in the city more, and they will notice that Arthur’s townhomes or apartments will ensure the New York is relaxing

.#3: Continuing To Invest

Real estate investments is a second career for Arthur that he is doing in his semi-retirement. He has created a number of different tech companies or helped build them, and he is ensuring new buildings in the city grow as these tech companies did. There are quite a few things that he oversees on each project, and he knows that he may make someone’s life in the city much more fun.

There are many new projects Arthur Becker may invest in, and New York City will grow as a result of the money he is investing. He wants the city to see it grow into a new sort of metropolis, and he is doing much of that work himself. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

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Securus Technologies Helping the Convicted Back to Life on the Outside

Securus Technologies is a company that is wholly dedicated to the prison population in the United States of America. Securus was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It is a large for-profit company that employs more than 1,000 people and has contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada. In a July 2016 reporting, the company announced that it had invested more than $600 million in product and application patents, communication technologies, and acquisitions in the past three years.

Although the American prison population is enormous, Securus has excelled in communication services. The antiquated and costly previous system that put the expense and burden on family members and friends of those convicted has been replaced by a special telephone system for inmates to communicate with family and loved ones.

This new communication system not only helps friends and family but gives the inmate more needed contact with attorneys and friends and family. Securus is doing its part in helping inmates rejoin the society they had transgressed against. The transformation of persons convicted of crimes, turning them into useful members of society is the true task of the American prison system. Securus is helping this transformation in no small part due to its innovative and inexpensive communication system.