Finding an ideal lawyer such as Jeremy Goldstein is so taxing. However, The Association of lawyers at The New York State Bar Referral and Information Service has opened a new web portal that matches reliable lawyers with clients.The professional lawyers’ credentials have been evaluated by the New York State Bar Association so you can be sure that they are competent. The confidential service is only available within 24 hours a day and with the simple click of a button, you can access it. The bar association partnered with to develop the latest online technology that will assist anyone looking for a skilled lawyer.


How the service works


If you need a lawyer, log into the Lawyer Referral and Information Service website. Fill in a confidential questionnaire which describes your legal matter and present location. You will then be matched to the ideal lawyer by The New York State Bar Association staff after they review your questionnaire.


This attorney will likely be in your locale to make matters easier for you. However, if you happen to be from one of the 17 counties who have a local attorney referral service then you will be referred to a local bar in your locale.


Although the service is free, you will need a $35 fee to talk to the referred lawyer for the first half an hour. There are exceptions to this rule, which apply when the case involves military law, social security, personal injury, unemployment or medical malpractice. After the consultation, you don’t have to maintain the lawyer. If you choose to stick to this attorney, then further fees will be decided by the two of you.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a compensation attorney.Jeremy also worked as an Associate at the famous Shearman & Sterling LLP. This lawyer has been involved in various landmark court cases.Jeremy Goldstein has a Juris Doctor, Law from the University of New York . A Master of Art History from Chicago University and a Bachelor of Art History from Cornell University.


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