Cannes Becomes A Second Home For Alexandre Gama

The Brazilian advertising industry has seen many legendary figures over the years, but few can be seen as having such a major effect on the lives of those working in the industry than Alexandre Gama. Born in Sao Paulo, Alexandre Gama has gone from a humble writer for the Standard & Ogilvy ad agency to become one of the most awarded advertising specialists in the world. One area where Alexandre Gama has become a major part of the Brazilian industry is in the success he has achieved on the international stage and particularly at the Cannes Film Festival; at the close of the 2016 Cannes Festival, Alexandre Gama had won an astonishing 23 Golden Lion’s and shows little sign of this being the end of his career after he announced he has returned to his own Neogama agency and the Brazilian industry as a whole in 2017.


Finding an ideal lawyer such as Jeremy Goldstein is so taxing. However, The Association of lawyers at The New York State Bar Referral and Information Service has opened a new web portal that matches reliable lawyers with clients.The professional lawyers’ credentials have been evaluated by the New York State Bar Association so you can be sure that they are competent. The confidential service is only available within 24 hours a day and with the simple click of a button, you can access it. The bar association partnered with to develop the latest online technology that will assist anyone looking for a skilled lawyer.


How the service works


If you need a lawyer, log into the Lawyer Referral and Information Service website. Fill in a confidential questionnaire which describes your legal matter and present location. You will then be matched to the ideal lawyer by The New York State Bar Association staff after they review your questionnaire.


This attorney will likely be in your locale to make matters easier for you. However, if you happen to be from one of the 17 counties who have a local attorney referral service then you will be referred to a local bar in your locale.


Although the service is free, you will need a $35 fee to talk to the referred lawyer for the first half an hour. There are exceptions to this rule, which apply when the case involves military law, social security, personal injury, unemployment or medical malpractice. After the consultation, you don’t have to maintain the lawyer. If you choose to stick to this attorney, then further fees will be decided by the two of you.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a compensation attorney.Jeremy also worked as an Associate at the famous Shearman & Sterling LLP. This lawyer has been involved in various landmark court cases.Jeremy Goldstein has a Juris Doctor, Law from the University of New York . A Master of Art History from Chicago University and a Bachelor of Art History from Cornell University.


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It’s the ultimate dream of every woman to have soft and supple lips. EOS lip balm recognized this eternal dream when they created their small portable tubs of lip balm.

EOS lip balm started creating this new brand of unique lip balm seven years ago. The brand has now taken over almost all stores all over the world. To prove that it’s worthwhile scores of women can be seen applying them in most occasions. These lip balms have also been spotted with notable celebrities from all walks of life.

About EOS

The EOS initials stand for Evolution of Smooth. Their lip balms have been such a hit to the extent that practically all the fashion and beauty magazines have featured them. The company has successfully been able to outnumber Chap Stick and EOS lip balm has become one of the top lip balms in America.

EOS was created with an initial capital of over 250 million dollars and its projected that in the next 13 years or so it’s going to gain more. In addition to this, the lip balm sells over a million tubs per week. Currently, natural products are on demand and EOS provides this for its clients. EOS lip balms contain natural ingredients.

Sanjiv Mehra who is one of managing partners and EOS co-founder confessed that when they started the company, it was just a startup meant to distribute and create beauty products. When creating the EOS lip balm, the founders wanted to focus on a commodity that will engage all five senses of their customers very well and that’s why they made the unique shape, colors of the tubs, smells, and flavors that will indulge you and nudge you to buy it.

The creators of the unique lip balm wanted to create an everlasting product and not just a fad that will pass away.

Initially, it was hard to get the EOS lip balm in stores especially since the big brands controlled the market for the product. Therefore the founders had to hire an experienced sales person. After they had landed their first deal in a big chain of stores two others followed and the rest is history.

Through aggressive influencer marketing, enormous social media presence on Facebook and Instagram and celebrity endorsements EOS has been able to make a lot of sales.

How To Fix Common Design Issues With Richard Mishaan

The best architects and designers, for the 45th year in a row, have insanely transformed the most expensive homes in New York. For them, they always struggle to become part of the solution to the problems facing their clients around the world. Charles Platt is the most famous architect in the country. He has also built the 35-feet-wide townhouse in China and America. According to their research, they have presented to us the most common mistakes made by the architects in the world. Even if you are one of the most famous authors in the world, you can consider using these solutions to enrich your services. Let’s take some time to learn how to make some cardinal designs by avoiding some common mistakes.


  1. Thinking in Black and White

For most of the designers and architects, such as Richard Mishaan design, tendency to think in monochrome is exciting. This is an action of separating your mind from the affectionate colors in design and architect. According to a recent designer’s consent, most men fail to use color. This is because they think that masculine spaces need to be in monochrome. Neal Beck, the architect and designer behind the New York Studio who turned a bedroom into a Scandinavian sitting room, says that this is one of the most fundamental truths about the male designer.


Tim Brown is also a prominent designer in the industry. He also says that men always want to design masculine spaces that tend to look a little dark. They always want to avoid having lighter spaces and keeping up with the trend in developing masculine trails. For instance, Tim mixes lighter walls with a gray platform to decorate a room with its sofa sets.


  1. Your house looks like a barn

For all the designers in the world, they always want to bring contrast ahead of the rest. For many times, man caves have been rough. However, we must also look at the other scenes that promote maturity in the design industry. If you are using hard wood, be sure to use it sparingly. For this reason, they end up working to be associated with working capabilities.


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Just Say No To Lather

Perhaps, you are like millions of women that believe the foaming lather that is produced by your favorite shampoo is actually very healthy for your hair. Are you suffering with frizzy hair that lacks body? Well, perhaps the shampoo is responsible for your hair’s condition. The fact is that the lather that foams and cleanses the hair is produced by harmful sulfates, an ingredient that is in most shampoos on the market. Today, women are excited about a new, healthier way to cleanse the hair. It is the No-Poo Movement.

Benefits Of The No Poo Movement
Certainly, there are a number of benefits that are associated with joining the No Poo Movement. Of course, the most obvious benefit is the resulting shiner and bouncier hair. The other benefit is the instant reduction in the number of hair care products required to keep the hair clean and healthy. Certainly, another benefit is less products leads to less out of the pocket cost for hair care. One great alternative to the shampoos on the market is the cleansing conditioner like the popular WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner.

WEN by Chaz
The WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is a hair cleansing system that does not use harmful sulfates that strip the hair of precious natural oils. Instead, the product contains a long list of healthy ingredients that are guaranteed to nourish and moisturize the hair. There are several hair care formulas. Consequently, there is a hair care formula that is perfect for just about every hair type.

The most popular formula is the sweet almond mint formula. This formula is perfect for all hair types. Other popular formulas include tea tree for thinning hair, fig for dry hair, cucumber aloe for oily hair. The WEN by Chaz 5 in one formula is a wonderful alternative to sulfate based shampoos.

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Madison Street Capital Steadfastly Delivers On The Promise Of Excellence

Madison Street Capital, L.L.C. (MSC)is an international investment banking firm headquartered in Chicago Illinois. The financial professionals at Madison Street Capital provide corporate financial advisory, opinion analysis, and valuation services. They avail specialized expertise facilitating merger and acquisition transactions, debt placement and restructuring for a variety of different business industry clientele in North America, Asia, and Africa.


The Dowco Group of Companies (DGC) headquartered in British Columbia, Canada is a multi-national conglomerate of privately held companies. For the past 44 years, The Dowco Group of Companies has specialized in a variety of pre-construction services. The DGC as an established client of Madison Street Capital, L.L.C. enlisted the advisory services of MSC to facilitate the acquisition of Acuña & Asociados S.A., Acuña & Asociados S.A. is a worldwide steel detailing and structural engineering service operation located in Santiago, Chile.


Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Directors Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers led the transaction that DGC describes as a key component to their becoming the consummate provider in the pre-construction services industry. The outstanding performance of Madison Street Capital on behalf of The Dowco Group of Companies was such that it earned them the 2016 Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) Advisor’s prestigious Industrials Deal Of The Year Award (Transactions Under $100MM Division).


The M & A Advisor publishes insights and intelligence about the mergers and acquisitions industry. They are recognized as the “world’s premier leadership organization of mergers and acquisitions, turnaround, and finance professionals.” The Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor awards are widely respected as a pinnacle of achievement in our industry. The 2016 Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) Advisor’s Industrials Deal Of The Year Award is a coveted attestation of the Madison Street Capital reputation. “The award represents the finest in the industry and honors firms and individuals that represent the highest levels of achievement,” said David Fergusson, Co-CEO, and President of The M&A Advisor.

Madison Street Capital, L.L.C. strives to diligently provide services uniquely suited to meet the individual needs of their clientele. They are steadfast in their focused determination promoting integrity, delivering excellent service, providing industry leadership, and professionalism.


Madison Street Capital was named ass the recipient of the M & A Turnaround Award this year. The Turnaround Award is in recognition of those leading the industry as relates to distressed investing, restructuring and honors industry professionals who have demonstrated excellence in transaction negotiations.


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