Securus Technologies Brings New Innovative Idea To Dreadful Prison Paperwork Process

The leading provider of inmate technology solutions, investigative authority and corrections monitoring company Securus Technologies just rolled out a new way to help facilities and customers save more time and money. The company will now include Inmate Forms and Grievance applications on ConnectUs, which in turn will cut down the amount of time needed to complete the paperwork by more than 50%.

The extreme amount of time required to complete such paperwork minimizes the amount of prison staff that are readily available to tend to inmates and with the cost of paper, and filling the empty seat of a guard working to process it has a direct effect on the facilities budget. Through ConnectUs, prison staff will be able to complete and revise paperwork in under half the time it takes to manually process it, and there is no printing involved. With the world moving heavily toward the use of technology for everything, having this option at their fingertips is an awesome addition to the list of helpful tools that Securus has introduced to the corrections industry.

Inmates will enjoy the benefits of the new tool as well. They will have the ability to log on and check the status of their forms, as well as take action on them by accepting or appealing them. The new innovative feature brings convenience and well needed twist on the way paperwork is done inside of prisons.  By being able to spend more time protecting inmates and the facility and less time filling out lengthy paperwork, prison staff is able to provider a safer and healthier environment for the inmate community. JPAY Inc.

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